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  1. I tried 0.4mm walls, but Cura prints them as two lines, unlike the support it generates itself which are much cleaner. Dim3nsioneer, I'm not sure what you mean, but I created custom supports in Blender, and exported them with my model, but I am after 1-line wide supports that I can create in Blender, which currently is not feasible. Unless, of course, someone has pulled it off!
  2. I managed to print 0.2mm layer height PLA at 230C, 60mm/s with a build plate temp of 65C. To get this to work nicely, however, I had to increase material flow to 130%. This is the PLA that comes with the UM2. I have just received some PLA from ColorFABB and at the moment the difference is huge; it's butter-like compared to the glassy PLA I got with the machine. I am printing at 60mm/s and it it's working on some detailed stuff. I'm very impressed with this stuff.
  3. My wish is for some way of exporting custom supports from Blender into Cura. By which I mean I would like to define some piece of geometry so it should print only one line wide. This would allow for custom supports in Cura created in Blender. Or perhaps a switch which converts any object that has no depth into one line wide.
  4. I did print it, 10mm tall. It was quite cool, but still too thick for my purposes. Maybe I just have to fiddle a bit more.
  5. I have tried creating support in Blender and found that anything thinner than .441mm was ignored by Cura. The supports that did print were two lines wide, which of course is not what I want. What I'm wondering is if there is some way of creating single line wide support from within Blender. Is there any way of marking geometry in such a way that Cura will treat it as a support, or perhaps some other slicer that is capable of doing that? I am loath to try slic3r at the moment, because I'm not confident enough to configure it for the UM2. Is there anywhere to download pre-configured settings for the UM2 in a file for slic3r?
  6. I have been printing 0.02 to 0.1mm layers at 200c with a bed temp of 60c at 30mm/sec and got really nice results. Hotter was messier, and lower simply did not stick properly to the bed. So I suppose the next thing to do is try is to speed up at hotter filament temps and see what happens.
  7. I have a stock UM2. Is it possible to print layers 0.25mm thick? I had a go and the result was a very beautiful spaghetti cloud in the shape of a toy helicopter, but not terribly useful. Poking around the net yielded ought. Any ideas?
  8. This are superb suggestions. I'm going to have another whirl at it and if anything reasonable-looking comes out of it post the results here. Cheers!
  9. Thanks for that, pm_dude. I cannot scale the piece up since that's the size the component has to be. It's roughly 22mm long, 7mm wide. I'm such a noob that I'm not really sure what to try in this case - any suggestions?
  10. In my infinite genius I uploaded the images and somehow did not realise that they needed another step to complete the upload. They should be visible now. Thanks Sander!
  11. I have just bought an ultimaker 2 (yay!) Having read the visual guide at 3dverkstan.se and hunted around the web, I'm not sure what's causing these problems at the top of the teeth on this small rack. There are small overhangs on one side of the teeth. Any idea what's causing it? I tried slowing down the print speed to 30mm/s but that did not really make a difference. Another weird thing was that I also tried slowing down the acceleration speed to 1500 and not enough plastic was extruded to print anything, but that's not terribly important (unless of course it is!). Anyway, I'm sure one of you can push me in the right direction. Cheers!
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