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  1. I was thinking along those lines. I fully appreciate that this is non-trivial, but it is nonetheless jolly useful. This would of course could break Marlin in a big way, but perhaps not so drastically. As it is, the whole gcode thing is a bit long in the tooth for 3D printing, but assuming that we want to stick with it, one could add some very simple features into the firmware to handle this. For example, bracketing each layer of each object with a start/end marker in comments as @ahoeben suggests. Standard firmware will simply ignore these comments, updated firmware will understand what they
  2. No idea if anyone has suggested this already, but I would love to have some way to be able to top printing one or more objects in a multi-object print if they have failed somehow during the print.
  3. Version 1.0


    This is a tool for measuring e-steps, using the bowden tube. Slide it into the loops on the main body, clamp in place with a bolt. Slide the other part onto the main body and adjust until you have 100mm between the front of the first loop and the face of the slider. Now adjust you e-steps to get an easy visual of your setting.
  4. Oh, if you insist. It's ABSolutely making me fume.
  5. Really nice piece of work. You can use to hold your vinyl LPs if nothing else.
  6. @Nicolinux, that's very impressive, but where do you get bananas that shape? Or is this for storing some other kind of fruit?
  7. My theory is gremlins, for what it's worth.
  8. Awesome prints - they look so waxy. The Bronze one with verdigris is just a mind-blower.
  9. I don't think this will work, because the it makes no difference how much of the "tip" of the thread you remove, you still need clearance above and below the mating thread profile. I "hand-make" my threads because of this, by making a spiral extrusion. In Blender this is a doddle, there a screw modifier that does all the hard work in a matter of a few clicks. In FreeCAD this is a bit more painful, but still eminently doable using a helical extrusion path.
  10. I usually leave a 0.1mm or slightly less, depending on how tightly the nut and bolt have to fit. It also depends on how accurately your machine extrudes the width of each line, which of course will affect the tolerances as well. So, experiment away, until you change rolls and discover that every colour even from the same manufacturer behaves differently, and there go your measurements :-)
  11. Love your latest work, especially all this gorgeous copper plating. I doubt the copper plating will add even a gram of structural support to your shroud since the metal is so thin, so much thinner than silver foil.
  12. You need to tackle this through a process of elimination. So, if ABS is fine and PLA is not, there is clearly no issue here other than the nozzle. Feed 20cm or so of PLA through at 240C and that should help clear out any ABS up quite nicely. Make sure you run the PLA through really quickly, otherwise you will get a bigger mess on your hands than you want. You could always print some random object at 60 mms/s and 0.2mm layer height, which will be shoving plastic through at a fast clip, and although 240C is a little high for PLA even at that speed, it should not burn. For the record, I switch
  13. @cloakfield, finally all is revealed! How was the snow done, considering you were using stop motion animation?
  14. @cloakfield, this is just awesome. Kids are going to go crazy when they see this! Truly beautiful work.
  15. This is so gorgeous that I can't show the kids or they will start making demands...
  16. Have you tried dipping in a thin ABS/acetone slurry? The acetone will coat the surface and smooth it as well as fill small holes. I have tried it before with mixed success, but didn't really have the time to fine-tune it.
  17. Vast improvement on the photography, gorgeous lighting and of course the setting is really something stylish and and apropos.
  18. So that's the best thing you can come up with for a clone army? Are you planning on subjugating us with laughter? Gorgeous work!
  19. Beautiful work, @cloakfield. Horrible, rubbish photography, because we all want to see high-res detail of such great work! Get a decent camera, pleaaaaaasssse!
  20. The tongue was there to inspire you to even greater heights.....
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