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  1. Can you explain me how to do this? where do you check: "Z HOME offset (M206 command in pronterface)" How do you reset: "the Z home offset (M206 Z0) followed by a EEPROM save (M500)"
  2. Can you explain me how to do this? where do you check: "Z HOME offset (M206 command in pronterface)" How do you reset: "the Z home offset (M206 Z0) followed by a EEPROM save (M500)"
  3. This would be strange, because I did not replaced any connector. I orderd the + upgrade now and will see if the problem wille be solved after installation.
  4. After replacing the service screen of my UM2 extended, Cura does not connect any more with my computer (Windows 10) I use cura 4.5 I get the message ER05 I set the settings back to the fabric settings. But still I get the ER05 message. I checked all the cableconnections and the Z switch works properly. So I tried to upload the firmware, but Cura says that there is no USB connection. I tried another cable and computer, but still no result. Please help me
  5. I replaced the servicescreen because the flat cable was spontaniously broken. After replacing the scrren is working again, but I cannot move the bed any more. I get a ER05. I tried to upload the firmware again with Cura 4.5. but cura cannot make contact with the printer any more. Than I set my printer on the original manufacturing settings. But again Error05 Please help
  6. I have the same problem now with my UM2 extended
  7. Suddenly my screen was black. When I opend the cover I saw that the flat cable was totaly broken. See picture. This is unbelievable. There has not been any movement because the print and the cover were tightend. AS Far I can see the cable was not fixed in the right direction (twisted) I think this is a fabrication fault and should be solved by Ultimaker. Please advise
  8. Ok I read the instructions, maybe I did it not properly. Bus what about getting the ABS off the sheet, like Nalith has a problem with too?
  9. OKE, Indeed it looks like a mess I think I will design the parts again in a more proper way. Thanks for your advice
  10. Not solved yet, It looked better then it was
  11. Dear Nalath, Now I have the assembly sliced in the right way. (see JPG) In stead of scaling in the 3D design Program, I did the scaling in Cura. I think the scaling in the dsign program coused the problems into Cura. Can this be right ?
  12. I made an assembly forom three parts. for processing in cura I made a part of the assembly and than a STL file. If I slide the parts seperately cura slides well (see attached JPG's) Wen I sliude them together there iare a lot surfaces missing (see attached JPG). Any idee what I am doing wrong ?
  13. The last days, my printer stops random during printing. I use the latest version of Cura and print from the SD card. I tryed sevrall things: First I formatted the SD card and let Cura recode the subject. Same Problem. Second I refressed the firmware. This was workiung. Next print nwas OK. Than I run another print, but than the printer stopped during Printing again. I refressed the firmware again, and the nextprint was OK. The following print went wrong again. Please help
  14. I bought a box with 25 adhesion sheets. After printng an object I was not able to get it of the sheet. I tried several things: heat the gals again, using water, put it in the freezer, etc. Nothing worked. To get the damaged sheet of the glas is a lot of work too.! The sheets are not cheap and I cannot believe that the designers only looked to the capability of the strength of sticking. The use of this product should be easy. Did i miss instructions or is the product not so good as i expected??
  15. Ok, then get rid of the base and use a raft. That will fix a number of issues. Stray Edges: These are lines that don't connect to anything. They don't form faces or surfaces. They just stick out going nowhere. Everything must form a face. And all faces must be connect to form a solid object (aka Manafold) Surface Borders: These are edges of a surface (or face) that doesn't connect to another face. A face is a two-dimensional object and by connecting all faces together, it forms a 3-dimensional object that can be printed. A Face that has a border means that one or more edges of that face do
  16. Thank you for your analysis. The base is only to stick the object to the buildingplate. The errors, I do not understand. Have you any idee about the kind of errors?
  17. in what format? Anything that Cura can read! (STL, etc.) OK I will send you the stl file, do you now how to include a filke in this reply?
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