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  1. Hi labern, The top and bottom thickness are .8 The fans are on 100% It looks like you may be right about the T/B thickness, I am doing another print with a thickness of 1.2mm and the quality is a lot better, but I didn't add the stair (unfortunately). I will print that later and if it comes out ok I'll just drop it into place. Old vs New huge improvement...
  2. I am trying to print a floor plan of a building I designed, I have a somewhat circular stair going up a central wall and enclosed within 3 walls. I drew all the steps and risers going up to the next floor. The spaces under the stairs are empty. The first time I tried printing the plan I got only the steps (no risers) and they were stringy and not solid at all (I did not specify supports). The second time I printed only the stairs and the central wall and enclosed them within 3 walls (under the outer edge of the steps and risers) and with supports, same problem, no risers and stringy steps.
  3. Thank you Didier, I will contact them.
  4. Hello Moderator, I have looked everywhere on the Ultimaker website and I cannot find any information on how to be an Ultimaker reseller. I happen to have a 3d printing company in a country where 3d printing is in its infancy and I would like to become Ultimaker's exclusive agent in Beirut, Lebanon. Can you give me a contact information? George Zaidan
  5. Hello, my 3d printing company is located in Beirut, Lebanon. I would appreciate it if there is anyone out there that can steer me in the right direction in whom to contact about becoming an Ultimaker Reseller. Thanks much, George
  6. 4 more inches in height may be ideal for some models, remember also that the length of the object can be printed as the height simply by rotating the object. The depth and width of the UM2 Extended are equal to the UM2. I was very excited about the larger size when I saw it at Dynamism (I am in the process of buying a second UM2) but when I came to the realization that the height was the only thing that was increased I felt less impressed to get it as a second printer. Now to tell you the truth, if it was my first printer that is what I would have gotten, delivery date is in April, I can't wai
  7. hello everyone, could anyone recommend a good Airbrush and Kit that I can use to spray paint my models? Preferably something that I can buy here in the United States. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Donlne, you are right I had to create a new account.
  9. Hello, I have been told that to use my credit card I have to have my home address and shipping destination address on my credit card to get approval My credit card has my home address but not shipping address. I need to have my printer shipped to Beirut, Lebanon. Does anyone else have any experience about buying and shipping that they can guide me through? I have also been told that buying the Ultimaker 2 and shipping to Beirut is okay. Thanks for any help.
  10. Hi everyone, new here, zAxis3dPrinting - I am able to login to the community but not in the store checkout. Are they one and the same username and password? Thanks
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