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  1. Bob I have tried a number of times with my UM2 with no success mainly at the beginning of the print, positioning and purging....would you mind sharing your start up script? Mel
  2. Question what core do you use if you use HIPS...the AA or BB core?
  3. Hi Bob That looks great!...Was this print done on the UM3 Can you share your start-up script. I purchased S3D a while ago and can never get it to work properly with my UM2. I would also like to use it on my UM3 Thanks Mel
  4. Hello All Quick update, Erin from fbrc8 support saw my email I sent out late Friday at home, she took time out of her Saturday and went to the office and called me. She couldn't believe some of the pictures. Long story short after seeing the pics she walked me though how to access where the screws that were loose and reinstall them. Took about an hour. Thanks to Erin I'm up and running. Great support effort from fbrc8...
  5. My original thought was it was an extra screw left behind but the more I moved the unit around more screws appeared. Again total of 5...the table is very very loose. Not worthy / capable of printing. I shot a short video with my iphone, not sure how to post it here....any suggestions?
  6. Just received my UM3 When laying it on it's side per instructions to install the spool post (plug it into the bottom a couple of screw rolled out from under the build table. As I stood it upright more screws rolled out a total of 5 screws and the table itself it very loose. Not a happy camper. As anyone else experienced this? Not having a assembly manual it looks likes a some major disassembling is required to get to where these screws need to go...being the weekend all I can do is look at the machine. I'm hoping the re seller will swap /exchange the unit....
  7. Hello Everyone Who can share information about Tinker Firmware. Does it have advantages over Cura? Is it difficult it install? Can Cura firmware be re-installed? Mel
  8. Hi cor3ys I'm running the latest firmware, 15.02.1 Currently the shroud will actually go over the clip....I had to remove the shroud because I started the re-leveling process and didn't think at the time to take a picture to show the problem. As for the amount of clearance I would say a 1mm. So instead of lowering the shroud 8mm ......7mm would work better for me, not sure about others. I have a seat of Solidworks not sure if I can convert the STL to SW format to rise it, their's a limitation on file size / triangles SW will convert. What program did you use to modify it?
  9. cor3ys I printed and install the fan shroud, but I ran into problem you maybe able to help me. When I went to re-level the print table the shroud be lower when the head comes to the front of the table it comes up to and over the clips that hold the glass down, thus not leaving any room for adjustment. Did you experience this if so what was your fix / work around.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, did exactly what swordriff described......bummer on the sensor...it's still good just stuck in the past.
  11. OK I received the new blocks and nozzle....When switching to the new block the heater cartridge released / came out with no problem....but the temp sensor didn't. I do two spare....problem is how do I thread this back to the control board under the UM2....Is there a certain procedure? Is there a easy way to do this. Please advise...thanks in advance.
  12. I'll take two....just let me know when they are available states side. I'm in Texas Mel
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