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  1. Hi, I need some advice on buying a replacement extruder head for my ultimaker origianal (not plus) I have the first generation head (with the long screw hot end) and it's extremely worn down to the point where I cannot print anything without it peeling off. I've found this extrusion head replacement on eBay. But am unsure if it is 100% the correct one for replacement. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ultimaker-0-4mm-Nozzle-12v-100k-Thermistor-PEEK-Heating-Block-Hot-End-Extruder-/361088252893?hash=item5412897bdd Thanks Best Regards
  2. UPDATE: I've had suggestions of putting the board in rice for many hours and still deosn't work. Anyonje have a full troubleshooting guide or a circuit build guide?
  3. Hi, Just today I transported my ultimaker to my car through some very mild rain. Now, I canot even power it on to get a repsonse but the computer still detect's the printer as fully functional. I'f appriciate any help. And was looking into getting a new PLA booard. After the any recommentations or suggeestions which i can undergo to get it woking again? My only method is to replace the PCB circuit board but I'd like to so with a cheaper solution thanks
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