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  1. The best solution would be to allways set the infill in the other color of the wall color. Many times the bottom and top wall can be one color. If you imagine the wipe/prime tower to be the infill of an object. Then you gain time and filament!
  2. It would be an interresting feature to be able to control the order of printing. For example, 1. Wipe/prime 2. Wall 3. Infill But then to be able to to this for separate objects. Sometimes I add an extra tower for one extruder, but cura dousn't print this in the right order. So the tower loses it's use. If these priority's can be detected in the G-code, then a post-processing plug-in could allso make some changes on specific parts of the print. Regards, Jeroen
  3. Thanks for the insight. I think maby my pov was to much from my own printer (Big Builder). My printer has in fact only one head, but dual extrusion. And it works pritty well! For the bottom and top layers I had the same thought. You still need a wipe tower. But for some prints like embedded letters it would be an interesting feature. But seems to me that there are to much conditions (especially single head dual extrusion) to even get a feature like this in the software :-). Maby I can program it myself? Selecting another extruder for infull can not be so difficult? It's only the order of printing that seems more difficult to me...
  4. Hello, Just a thought I had to reduce the need for a wipe/prime tower when using dual extrusion. Would it be possible to use a different extruder for the fill then for the walls? This way the extruder is allready wiped. Allso the travel between the tower and model are prevented this way since there is no tower. This will only work for models with enough fill to clean out the nozzle. I'm also thinking of this because I'm using a single head dual extruder. Regards, Jeroen C.
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