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  1. Innanzitutto controlla che la testa può comunque toccare gli endstop che è il primo requisito. Cosa vuol dire partire dal centro? La stampante deve sempre andare in posizione home prima della stampa quindi verifica innanzitutto che quello è possibile


  2. Hello Everyone!

    It's great to have such an amazing response for our dual extruder :) These a little bad news in this update: the company who was supposed to make hopefully the final prototype before production had some issues and didn't managhe to make the new parts. They said it will be ready next week - so that's some good news!

    Keep checking this forum thread as we'll be releasing a video of our dual extruder in action very soon.



  3. Ciao a tutti,

    Noi siamo rivenditori ufficiali Ultimaker. Per chi fosse interessato date un'occhiata al http://www.shop.creatr.it. Abbiamo le stampanti in pronta consegna, offiamo un corso gratuito e la spedizione in italia inclusa nel prezzo!! Rivendiamo anche filamenti ColorFabb e Poly3D (i migliori in commercio)

    A presto.



  4. Ciao a tutti!

    Segnalo anche http://www.shop.creatr.it .Qui trovi i ottimi filamenti tra cui;

    PLA / PHA e XT della ColorFabb

    ABS+ e HIPS+ della Poly3D.

    Abbiamo appositamente selezionato i migliori filamenti in modo da non avere problemi di stampa traducendosi in ottimi risultati!

    Ci sono anche i http://shop.creatr.it/it/16-filamento ovvero tanti filamenti diversi da 200g ognuno. Cosi hai tanti materiali diversi a una bassa spesa.



  5. Ciao Phil,

    Per quale motivo vorresti aumentare la retraction ad un valore cosi elevato? Rischieresti di avere problemi di consumo del filo e non risolveresti il problema dell'oozing.

    Comunque da Cura si può modificare se imposti la tua UM come una nuova stampante e metti tu manualmente tutti i settaggi come volume di stampa ecc.

    In alternativa dallo schermo LCD puoi modificare la retraction speed.

    Fammi sapere.



  6. Ciao Beatsking,

    Mi dispiace per il problema! Ho letto il messaggio piu volte ma mi pare molto strano. Se ti interessa noi siamo rivenditori ufficiali UM e offriamo anche le riparazioni. Ci trovi online su www.shop.creatr.it ma abbiamo aperto anche un negozio a Lecco.

    Fammi sapere se hai bisogno.



  7. How would a user fix a clog nozzle?

    MakerBot already have enough problem with warranty voids and policies like "you must not try to open our extruder" to prove its not the best way to go.

    Flex3Drive is involving people into creating models to fit on more printers and I don't think it prevent them from selling it.

    I'm not against closed and proprietary stuff but in this type and stage of technology I see it as a downer.

    It will still be an awesome achievement if it can work well with most material.


    A clogged nozzle would be fixed in the same way a clogged nozzle would be. We have no problems if users take our hot end to pieces. No worrenty is voided for that!

    Regarding closed or open source we'll see ;) Maybe all the users can convice us to take the decision to go open source.


  8. Dim3nsioneer, on 24 Nov 2014 - 10:30 PM, said:snapback.png

    Not it won't since we would we devastated if all our hard work would be copied and sold in cheap-crappy low cost versions.

    Why? The same thing happend to Ultimaker and I very much doubt we lost any sales because of it. We definitely did not loose any sleep over it. Throwing it open source is actually being bold enough to show vulnerability.


    I see many of you are of open source nature and would like our project to be so, too. I will discuss it with the team and give you an update!

    All the users responses are great! We'll keep you posted on updates on it. Regarding printing PLA. We have not released it yet mainly for that reason. We're getting better and better results with each version and we think we have almost figured that problem out.

    Keep checking this thread ;)



  9. Seems very interesting! A few questions


    1. I have seen comments about all-metal extruders having trouble with PLA. Have you encountered any problems with PLA?


    2. Does your dual extruder reach the same speed and build volume as the UM2 stock extruder?


    3. What has been the primary use case(s) you have prioritized in your R&D? Soluble support material? Two colors? Different nozzle diameters? Something else?


    Some photos of printed models would be great :)


    Exactly, we're still having some jamming issues when printing PLA. But we're pretty sure the next version of it will solve this issue ;)

    The dual extruder cannot reach the same build volume while using both extruders, however we're really proud to say that the extruders have a centre-to-centre distance of just 18mm. So the build volume in the x direction will not be significantly reduced. However when using in single extruder mode you will be able to reach the stock build volume.

    We have been prioritizing soluble support material: in particular ABS+HIPS but we're working hard on other combinations too! We're getting our first results in multimaterial parts but still requires huge software upgrades. Same with multi-nozzle diametre.


    Maybe not the least important question: Will it be open source?


    Not it won't since we would we devastated if all our hard work would be copied and sold in cheap-crappy low cost versions.


    - Are the nozzles compatible with UMO / E3D ? whats the tread size ?

    - Can you share close up photo's, exploded view drawings ? what parts are you reusing, what parts are new ?

    - What will be the price ?


    The nozzles will be compatible with E3D nozzles since they use same thread size. No exploded view drawings since they are proprietary. More photos and videos are coming ;) We're reusing the top, middle and bottom bracket, fans. Rest will be changed. Price is to be defined but around €250. Including optimized feeder to greatly limit under-extrusion.


    very interesting !

    printing polycarbonate is also an excellent update.

    does it run with the same cooling system than the original ? i don't see the fan on the picture


    Yep, poycarbonate too! Same sidemounted twin fan, just a different bracket. Yes in that photo we did not mount the bracket and fans since we were testing with ABS and HIPS.


    I think it is important to underline that even though Creatr is an official reseller of Ultimaker, this upgrade is not an official Ultimaker product.

    After having said this, I am also curious to see some prints! :)


    Yep ;) Quick note: proud resellers! Photos and videos coming soon.


    My standpoint on this area is that every full-metal-hotend for 3mm filament will jam with PLA. So far nobody has proved me wrong on this one.

    Other then that, cheers :D I hope this will help people who really want their dual-extrusion machine.

    (Note I also added dual-extrusion UM2 firmware in the next Cura release. So that should help some people who want to experiment with it. But it's not officially supported)


    Right with PLA. Great news about UM2 firmware in next Cura release. Guess you'll have to wait and see ;)


  10. Hello everyone!

    My name is Sam and I'm the owner of Creatr, an italian start-up in 3D printing. We are official resellers of UM in Italy and love them!

    We too have been waiting a lot for the UM2 dual extruder kit but finally decided to design our own!

    And today we're presenting the UltiMaker Dual extruder upgrade kit from Creatr! This upgrade is for both UM 2 and UM original. It's really simple two mount and has all the components included.

    Here are some photos of it: 10dvdi0.jpg


    The kit is its final testing phase and will hopefully be ready before Christmas ;)

    You can have more details here:http://creatr.it/2UM2 or email at hello@creatr.it



    We're really proud of what we have managed to achieve. The kit is all in alluminium for best heat transfer and cooling. Nozzles are in bronze and optimized to reduce retraction blobs. Since it is full metal this kit can print also special filaments like policarbonate and High temperature resistent materials (we've reach stable operating temperatures in excess of 350°C with termocouples)!

    Included in the kit will be an easy to follow guide on how to upgrade the firmware to fully support this.

    PS The photos was when we where printing with ABS and HIPS so we did not need any fans. The kit has also two sidemounted fans to cool the part (when needed)

    Let us know what you think and if you would like to pre-order it!




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  11. Ciao!

    Ho visto che parlate di problemi con la retraction. Io sono il fondatore di http://www.shop.creatr.it: una start-up italiana nel mondo delle stampanti 3D. Noi stiamo sviluppando un upgrade per Ultimaker 2. Si tratta di un doppio estrusore completamente in alluminio e ugelli in bronzo. Ci siamo concentrati su ottimizzare la zona calda, limitandola il piu possibile. Il risultato è che i blobs causati da una retraction inefficace sono quasi scomparsi del tutto! In questo momento non è ancora disponibile alla vendita in quanto stiamo ultimando i test in modo da lanciare un prodotto finito davvero ottimo.

    Tra qualche settimana daremo 10 kit gratis per finalizzare il testing e avere piu opinioni. Se vi interessa scrivetemi direttamente a sam@creatr.it cosi ti posso mandare qualche foto e informazione in piu.

    Un saluto.



  12. Ciao Francesco,

    Io sono il titolare di Creatr: una start-up italiana nel mondo della stampa 3D. Se ti interessa noi siamo rivenditori ufficiali di Ultimaker in Italia. Questo è il http://www.shop.creatr.it. Tieni presente che all'acquisto di una stampante noi offriamo il corso gratuito e la spedizione inclusa in tutta Italia!

    Se sei nella zona di Lecco puoi venire a vedere la nostra ShowRoom al Creatr Point e vedere cosa si può effettivamente fare con queste fantastiche stampanti!

    Fammi sapere.



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