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  1. Thank You gr5! I tried the atomic method and cleaned the nozzle. Everything is working fine now.
  2. Hello everyone, After weeks of reliable work my UM2 failed after i changed the filament once. The extruder motor rubs off the filament because the PLA gets stuck. I had the same problem with ABS. I already cleaned the nozzle using the "atomic method" and the filament still stucks and the motor rubs the material so hard that it can't be pushed forward anymore. What could be my problem? Thank You, lyta
  3. Thank You very much Daid! That solved my problem.
  4. It is no matter what model is loaded first. Only when both are loaded there is a problem with the loading.
  5. Hello everyone, I want to print two big models at once. Both of them fit on the buildplate in Cura. But Cura doesn't calculate the gcode to the end. The loading bar is stuck at ca. 90%. When I load both files at once into the program, everything is fine. However I want to save time and print both models at once. What could be the problem? lyta Edit: I'm using Cura 14.09 and no object is now loading in Cura, no matter what object it is.
  6. Sodele, nach einigem durchlesen von anderen Foren, wo ähnliche Probleme auftraten, kam heraus dass man in den Experten Einstellungen einfach ein bisschen mit den "fix horrible" (unten rechts) herumspielen muss, um es zu fixen. dabei habe ich bei Typ A und Typ B ein Häkchen gesetzt und alles war gefixt und der Druck läuft.
  7. Ja diesen Tipp habe ich auch schon aus anderer Quelle bekommen und bin gerade dabei das zu fixen. Ich werde dann berichten ob das das Ergebnis verbessert hat.
  8. Ah okay I get your point! Thank You Didier. :-) I will make the walls thicker in the CAD itself.
  9. Hi, the shell thickness I set is 3mm with a nozzle size of 0.4mm. I think that couldn't be the problem. Could there be the problem that there is "a layer too much" in the object? Imagine I want to print a cube with another smaller cube on it. And there are two layers touching each other. Of course one of them is too much. Does Cura have a problem with this?
  10. Hallo mnis! Danke für die ausführliche Antwort! Ich werde mich jetzt an das CAD-Programm stürzen und versuchen das zu fixen. Kann mir jemand Software Tools oder Plugins empfehlen, die so eine Fehlersuche, wie sie mnis beschrieben hat, betreiben können? lyta
  11. Hello, I think the problem described in the title is caused by Cura because the missing shell is also in the layers view. I try to print a tube but on both sides of the tube the walls are failing and the shell is too thin. I use 3mm shell thickness, 210°C, Cura 14.09, 50mm/sec printing speed. Who of you might know what could be my problem? Thank You
  12. Hallo, ich versuche seit längerem ein Rohr mit quaderförmigen Vorbau zu drucken. Jedoch ist dabei das Problem, dass weder im layers view in Cura, noch in ausgedruckter Form das Objekt korrekt ist. Es fehlen Teile der Außenwand. Cura 14.09; Druckgeschw. 50 mm/s; 210°C PLA Vielen Dank im voraus. lyta
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