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  1. I think i found solution I changed the value within the profile.py file, line 482, change default mode from Simple to Normal. setting('startMode', 'Normal', ['Simple', 'Normal'], 'preference', 'hidden') Seems to work so far!
  2. Yes, but is there anyway to set the program to default to expert mode before it writes the settings to the preferences.ini?
  3. The issue is im trying to make a installer package of cura with pre-defined settings for several machines. But every time cura starts, it starts in simple print mode. How would i get it to start in export mode? Is there a profile command or something i need to input?
  4. How would it be done on the most recent version of Cura?
  5. I have been using an older version 15.04.3
  6. Im trying to package the cura and settings i use into packaged file. How do i set so cura will always start in expert mode. Right now its always default to simple mode. I found the command that goes to export mode in preferences file with command 'startmode = Expert' but this file is something that is set in user's profile settings after the app is loaded. Where can i set this setting as part of the distribution? Thanks
  7. Hello, I have compiled Cura on win32 successfully and runs no problems. However whenever i start Cura, the DOS screens stays opened all the time. How do i prevent this DOS screen from showing? Thanks
  8. Thanks for your reply I have actually found what im looking for in the GUI Python files, it doesn't look too difficult. However i can't find where the python files that defines the basic and advanced tabs. I can see the section within the file mainWindow.py (left, right, self.printPanel) = self.CreateDynamicConfigTab(self.nb, _('Basic')) self._addSettingsToPanels('basic', left, right) self.SizeLabelWidths(left, right) (left, right, self.advancedPanel) = self.CreateDynamicConfigTab(self.nb, _('Advanced')) self._addSettingsToPanels('advanced', left, right) self.SizeLabelWidths(left
  9. Hello, I am trying to get Traditional language support working in Cura. I have located the "zh" folder containing the language translation files with chinese within the Cura.po file. However im not sure how to load it into Cura and get it working. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Hello, I am trying to find a way to customise the cura GUI interface, so upon boot up it is only set to a certain profile. Is there a way to repackage cura to do this? I am trying to make this customised version of cura so users cannot change from the default print settings (speed, infill, resolution etc). I understand the interface is written in Python, can anyone point me in the right direction to make these modifications? Thanks
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