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  1. Yea it is because the connector is the spring loaded type and not screw on - before this happen was getting some very bad print with lifting from the built plate.
  2. Found the problem - Burnt Built plate connector. Removed the burnt connector and soldered direct and it work.
  3. Have been running my UM2 for since 2014 with the usual maintenance and not having major problem. Today suddenly there was a bad burnt smell and my print was in a mess of tangle wire. Going through the maintenance menu found Built plate heater not working. Have to check tomorrow to see what is wrong. Anyone face this problem before?
  4. I have reverted back to the original nozzle . Print temperature is still have to set at 235 to 238 deg C. Infill speed have to be slow down. Suspect it is the filament problem. Getting back to 3dxTech. Thanks everyone for the info.
  5. Yea my bad , it is on the other one. Anyway both my heater and temp sensor are new.
  6. The PTFE coupler is a new one. I suspect it could be the new filament I purchase from 3DXTEXT. Have been using this filament for almost 1 year without problem.
  7. It may not be stainless steel after all. I have changed to the 35W heater. same problem have to print at 235 to 238 for PLA Have not upgraded the feeder though. It keep skipping during print.
  8. Yes using the Matchless V3 , but did not change the 25W heater. Should have try the 35W heater. Currently can print but need 230 deg for PLA vs 220. and also slower print speed. Tried both the 0.4 and 0.6mm nozzle - 0.6 mm perform better. Will change the heater later
  9. I have bought the 3d Solex olssen block upgrade for my Ultimaker 2. It comes with 0.4 stainless steel nozzle. Have problem with printing PLA at 220 deg C. Temperature have to set at 235 for filament to flow. Also infill was not printing correctly. Previous original ULtimaker 2 nozzle and filament was ok. Anyone have any idea that the heater must be upgraded to a higher power?
  10. Have loaded 2.1.3 on window 10 - 64 bit laptop and it works fine. Installed 2.3 beta to try but it hang at Preparing to slice. Was using Cura 15.04.6 on same laptop before. Printer is Ultimaker 2
  11. Bought a few whitel PLA and colour PLA. The white PLA printed fine, but next morning the Filament will be broken at the place between the filament spool and the feeder. Happen the same with all the white filament. Color Filament from earlier batch don't have the problem so it is not the machine. The broken part will be very brittle, tried to bend any other area of the filament does not break.
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