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  1. before trow it in the trash I Tried a last Desperate Attempt, i totally disassembled it, except for the frame, assembled one more time...and now is finally working good!!! I'm so happy, thank you gr5 for the help that you gave me
  2. gr5, do you hear that "tack tack" noise sometimes? i found that the motor stops, looks like there is something that prevents him from moving, but the belt is not rubbing against the frame, what can it be?
  3. Problem Solved in the easyest way, good bye ultimaker.
  4. Thank you guys i really appreciate your help, however, even changing the servo drivers the problem is on the X axis, to help me showing you better my problem i posted a video of what happens here
  5. Done, i also tried to put washers on the speacers between the motor to avoid the belt rubbing against the frame, but there is nothing to do, it keeps shifting, I do not know what to d, I sent a ticket November 2 but no reply so far, before i trash this printer, there is something that i can do to open and RMA and have my money back?
  6. Today I Tried to tight the most of the pulleys helping me with forceps , but the problem is still there , but I noticed one thing , a when the print head moves from right to left or vice versa, it hangs for a few tenths of a second to then move again , However this is a picture of what happens , This should have been a cube :
  7. Hi guys, I'm selling my Ultimaker Original Kit, the kit include the follow things: - Ultimaker Original Kit (not assembled) - Ulticontroller - Doodle3D I Didn't open the package, i'm selling it because i don't have time to assemble it, i bought this oct. 14 2014. Everything is still sealed For price, info, more photos and other stuff you can send me an e-mail at skyboxdownload@gmail.com or you can send me an SMS at 3336170771. The printer is in Italy, i will ship it worldwide
  8. Hello guys, i have a similar problem, my pulleys are tight and my belts are free running. The printer print the first layer good, but whene comes the 2nd layer the extruder start going around and print layers all over the platform, i'm losing hope, i tried to change firmware (via Cura), i tried various models, i tried various slicers, but there is always this problem, what else can i do?
  9. Salve a tutti, da poco ho finito di montare la mia Ultimaker Original. Purtroppo però andando a stampare succede che dopo aver stampato 1 o 2 livelli l'estrusore impazzisce, inizia a spostarsi a destra e a manca stampando livelli qua e la, ho provato a cercare un po su google e ho già provato a stringere le pulegge, sono già tutte strette, ho provato a cambiare software, da Cura sono passato a Slic3r, sia tramite SD che tramite USB, ma il problema persiste, qualcuno può gentilmente aiutarmi? Grazie.
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