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  1. pic 4... the arrows that have an angel is pointet in the wrong direktion,,, you will have to imagene them pointing in the opposit direktion... sorry
  2. @ woofy: I have tried that but talking to the community here in Denmark it seems to me that most people is in the need of keeping their printer in a heated room so they do not need to apply more heat to the build and I think that is way I need the bigger temps.…. I understand that now. And thank you 4 the feedback. I may have come to the conclusion that the room that I am printing in is too cold in the morning where I begin my prints, and when the printer has heated the room, the print stabilizes. And that I need to use glue to keep the print in place. @svanbennekom: thank you for confirming
  3. Hay UM 2 ejer her.... ville enlig spørger jer hvis i er ejer af en UM 2, hvad i bruger af indstillinger til at lave store prints.... har virkelig problemer med at materialet warper... bruger PLA til at printe. 90 grader bulidplate 230 grader nozzel, bruger raft... kan det være at den ikke er ordenligt i level ?
  4. Using PLA on a UM 2 what's you're settings ?
  5. So over the time of printing for the better part of this Year, I have had a lot of troubleshooting Regarding warping in the material while doing larger prints (8*8*8 cm and above, more or less). I have looked at a lot of things…. temperature of the build plate, nozzle heat and wall thickness. While they all have a saying in the outcome, warping of the raft is still common when I print lager objects. So the raft design that is currently in place is way better then what we had before, but I am a construction engineer and I make prefab concrete structures for a living and there might be a better
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