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  1. Hi @LePaul definitely these upgrades would be great for updating the UM2(+) series I'm lacking time to work on this conversion, I'm moving to another office and I have a lot of work to do in the next two weeks. I think I will adapt the new extruder at Artillery by the time as there is already material available and I can do it in a couple of hours. But if I'm starting to work on it to adapt to my UM2(+) I'll create an exclusive topic for H2 extruder here 😉 By the way Teaching Tech channel (forgot his name, Marco maybe?) recently made a comparison video about
  2. Nowadays there is a newer and lighter extruder in the market, the H2 from Biqu, just got one. Smaller motor (weaker torch), but relation 7:1 and total extruder weight of 119 grams (photo bellow). I also get an allmetal/ bimetal heatbreak to avoid the one with internal PTFE tube (it cames with Capricorn in a bore 4.1 heatbreak I guess). It’s a good option for me convert to 1.75mm filament because it’s almost impossible to find 2.85mm here and when I found it’s triple the price and has a lot of moisture due to low demand 😓 The speed will be lower because of t
  3. yeah... procede cleaning the nozzle as Smithy said... atomic method And them.. if this doesn't helps try another old version of Cura cause this 4.7.1 is not stable yet and it's ocorring some issues (blobs) in the outter shell. By the way I can see slightly underextrusion and blobs on the wall if I'm not wrong
  4. Algum interessado? Ultimaker 3 com pouco uso no Rio de Janeiro - RJ... despacho para todo o Brasil
  5. same stuff happening in a machine that arrived in my office! At least that is what I'm thinking... the x-linear shaft is sliding to the left. Which pulley should I thight? The one in all the left... conected with the X motor shaft? Actually there is no back spacer in the right side... but I will insert it back to the place as well 🙂
  6. Not mine, selling in my store, looks great! Around 500 hours of use... looks like a brand new machine. Deep inspection and maintnance before shipping ;) R$ 20.555
  7. Thank you @ctbeke I also note that the link for the community is much more visible now... in the first page, that's cool! 🙂
  8. Hi Kyletr76, I guess tha Anet is a direct drive printer, right or am I wrong? If yes your retraction distance should be around 2,0mm. If your frame is not enough rigid (did you upgrade it?) your speed should go down a bit. Best pratice is make a retraction test to calibrate your values, it's easy to find it in Thinginverse. I Hope it helps P.S. here is a retraction test (for bowden style printers) changing values doing multiple process in Simplify3D
  9. IMHO UM2+ is outdatted and you will probably need to buy expensive spare parts to keep it working in a short amound of time. I just purchased an Artillery Sidewinder X1 (v4) for 359 dolars (promo price in black friday) and it cames with TMC silent stepper drives, direct drive with pancake extruder, capacitive end stops, volcano nozzle, colour/touch LCD, build volume of 30x30x40cm, flat cables all around and some other specs that make it a much better machine than my old but good UM2(+). By the way the Artillery Sidewinder X1 cames as a pre-assembled printer, you just ne
  10. Hi fellows! Anyone thinking to try this new direct drive extruder from E3D in a UM2 or UM2+ series?? It looks really cool and promissing... Sadly my UM2(+) is not working for about 8 months... I’m just using my other printers (2x Artillery X1; Ender3 Pro with 32bits board/ 2209 TMCs and an MLCD resin printer). I would love to reativate my UM2 but I’m looking to update some parts. Do you guys think that with Hemera I will must need to change my board to a Duet or some of the SKR ones? Which firmware tweeks should I make? I can design a mount for it... it will be de
  11. I agree! I had a hard time trying to find the community link a couple of weeks ago... even seaching on google. And them I just found because I have a shortcut for the main commmunity page. Ultimaker should leave it in a more visible place as I think that community is a great diferencial for the brand... and also provide links for the community in all comunications on social media and blog. 😊
  12. yeah, it is a nice color... I like it!! 😀 Definitly it's not shiny. Less vivid than this photo... slightly white, looks like it was sanded
  13. Agree! You deserve! It's a great channel... ----x---- My filament just arrived!! This one is the Orange from Matteforge. Printed with 0.8mm nozzle and 0.2mm layer high... I still dealing with the profile, this is my first print with it: 225°C; 5.5mm retraction distance and 25mm/s. I note some overextrusion in some layers... not sure if it's my settings or diameter variation... I'll watch closely
  14. Really nice Paul... I actually saw it later at your channel starts showing Matteforge at 14:30s Ok, end of mistery... I got the orange!! I still have some blues, greys and my "orange dutch" color is almost empty for couple of years... and I love it. So let's try a new orange... I will post my thoughts here later Thank you fellows!
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