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  1. After using Cura 3.6 for a few days I have noticed 3 bugs, all relating to the part manipulation toolbar on the left side of the interface. 1. hotkeys for scale, rotate and move sometimes just do not work. I can be using the hotkeys for these commands fine, then they will just stop working. they will not begin working again until i manually click on the button for them, rather than use the hotkey. then they will begin working again, until they randomly decide to stop working again... 2. the support blockers sometimes just dont work at all. there have been a few time whe
  2. Thanks for the reply, when I load in a small square that 6 second delay is consistent. I did watch my resource monitor while slicing and cura does seem to start working as soon as I hit the button, so I'd guess you are right that it is doing those checks first. I would like to suggest that the cura team change the way that progress bar updates, as soon as you click the slice button that progress bar should start till fill a bit while doing these pre checks just to provide visual confirmation to the user that it is actually working.
  3. I was hoping with the improvements to the slicer with 3.3 that the slicing delay would have been fixed, but there is still a 6 second delay between when i hit the slice button till when it actually starts slicing, even when I turn on automatic slicing there is a 6 second delay before cura actually starts to slice. Why is that? We run a 3D printing business that focuses on education, and everytime im teaching someone how to slice, they always hit the slice button multiple times because of that delay thinking it is not working, and every single time i have to explain to them that there is a del
  4. yes i loved this feature in old cura, it is such a shame the latest version still does not have it, it can make some jobs so much quicker...
  5. cura already has this feature, you can put multiple parts on the buildplate and it will print 1 entirely before moving onto the next one, and completing that one before moving onto the next. you just need to list the size of your hotend in the machine definition so it knows how large it is so it doesnt hit anything.
  6. the latest version of cura doesnt even list nozzle size since it doesnt really matter, what matters is the line width. just use the latest cura (3.2) and you wont have this issue anymore
  7. So started using 3.2 today and i noticed that when it is set to auto slice, and you select the line width and it highlights the entire value, if you type in "0.x", it automatically tries right after hitting 0 and that causes it to freeze for a while before giving an error saying you can print because its slicing with a line width of 0. then you click on the setting again (which causes it to highlight) and you try and type it in again and it just happens again.
  8. it is a feature in Marlin firmware, and is quite common http://marlinfw.org/docs/features/lin_advance.html
  9. I use Cura to manage our print farm and we recently updated the firmware on our machines to include linear advance. Linear advance requires a lot of settings in the slicer to be turned off (mostly things involving flow compensation) like combing, retraction priming, wiping, and coasting to name a few. It would be really convenient if there was an option in cura that you could enable, that would disable all of these settings so you dont have to worry about scrounging through hundreds of settings to find the ones that have this effect, and it would just disable them for you.
  10. Hey thanks for the reply, i just checked out that extra skin wall count and that is exactly what i was talking about haha. Although it isn't perfect as it looks like it basically gives the entire part an extra wall (which could be bad if you only want 1 wall on your part) rather than only specifically giving an extra wall anywhere skin expand is used. also if the skin expand doesnt produce a straight line (like using it on a circle for example) then that extra wall is basically completely unsupported while being printed, which wont help the expanded skins much.
  11. I like the idea of skin expand, but in use it is not very good, it does its job of expanding skins so you don't get little holes around the edges of features, but the fact that you can only expand X distance is where the issue is. because different prints use different amounts of infill, your skin expand is generally expanding out into a void and then returning,and doing that multiple times on top of itself, so you get those edges lifting up as they are so thin they cant be cooled properly, and then you have these raised lips that the nozzle constantly snags on and can ruin a print. So here's
  12. actually the nozzle size has an impact on what type of line the slicer thinks it can make. we use cura on a large format printer as well with very large line widths and the nozzle size can effect the types of lines it can produce.
  13. I manage a print farm and we have a bunch of machines with different nozzle sizes for different jobs. That means I have to make different printer profiles for every nozzle size, which means waiting for Cura to load a different machine (which takes awhile) as well as having it annoyingly switch the settings profile while I'm trying to change things, and I have to manage all of their start/end gcode as well. this is all such a hassle when I'm spending a large part of my day just slicing prints. I lose 10-20 minutes every single day just trying to deal with all of this which could all be solved b
  14. i just installed 3.1 and am also having this same issue on windows 10. i get a splash screen but the program itself does not appear.
  15. do you mean have a physical little thing that you can drag around the buildplate, and where ever it is, it tries to put the z seam there? I love that idea! although still making the z seam more visible is a necessity
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