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  1. I developed this plug in to to minimize the flatness error of the default bed for Printrbot Simple Metal 1403 the idea is to test the with the probe only the minimum rectangle around the printing area only instead of the hole bed so the board will store the exact level of this job printing area more over you can edit and force certain points of test by the probe instead of the automatic mode by changing Min. X, Min. Y, Max. X & Max. Y values. also you can change the center distance between the hot end and the probe and the retract z value. installation: 1- copy the file to plugins folder (Example:C:\Program Files (x86)\Cura_14.09\plugins) 2- very important: use ";" to disable G28 and G29 lines in the Start up code so please test it and modify it if you want and tell me what you think link : http://wiki.ultimaker.com/images/PrintrBotProb.py
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