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  1. So I've had my UM2 for over a week now, and am happy to say that I've had...minimal problems with it. (I've been fighting the feeder and was actually printing a better one when this issue happened.) I had a print break off the plate, so I aborted it and prepared to print again after a while. I started it, but I got nowhere as the head wouldn't home correctly. Later attempts after cycling power yielded the same result: the printhead would move along the x-axis first as it always did, hit the switch, then stops dead against the left side with the steppers locked. It doesn't even attempt to move along the y-axis. The dial starts changing colors (which is neat), and the screen displays "ERROR - STOPPED" and below that "X or Y switch stuck" (which is not) "Contact: support@ultimaker.com" I've cycled power several times to the same effect; when the power is off, I've moved the head and everything still feels smooth. The switches look fine and are definitely not "stuck" in that I can depress them easily with the appropriate click. Any ideas?
  2. So I recently got an UM2 and have been loving it. I was printing a series of small parts with it today with no real issues, but I realized that I had selected the wrong part, so I aborted it and restarted with the correct one, but this time (out of nowhere and in a span of around 45 seconds) it seemed to be badly clogged. (e.g. it extruded small dots only and then nothing) I decided to stop, heat up the nozzle to 260 and see if I could extrude anything (as it seemed weird that it had just suddenly horrifically clogged with no material change and in no time idle). Trying to run material through of course caused the feeder to grind through the PLA enough to the point where it had no grip. I hope my predicament is clear: I don't even know if the printer is clogged, and I have no means of removing it as I can't remove the bowden tube at the hot end because there's still filament there which can't be retracted as the filament is cut through right at the other end of the bowden tube...I'm really at a loss here. Basically, I have a stranded, possibly clogged section of filament stretching from the nozzle to the very start of the bowden tube on the feeder end. Any advice is greatly appreciated cause I'm completely at a loss.
  3. Thanks for all the advice and the information on dual extrusion! As for the UMO+, I really did consider it, but I don't see the ease of making tweaks as the issue--the issue is the need to make tweaks. I have no problem spending hours to get the thing dialed in just right, but I just want it to stay that way. I know that the UMO+ doesn't really need that many tweaks too to be honest, but I just preferred some of the specs (and, yes, looks) on the UM2, and both were in my price range.
  4. So, I'm about to order an Ultimaker 2! The reviews of the product seem amazing, but I was a bit curious as most useful information came from early 2014. Given that 2015 is just around the corner--and knowing how responsive the Ultimaker company and community is--I was wondering Are there any major packaging issues still present? (I'd heard of some of these early in 2014, but it seemed as though the packing method has changed since.) Has the US support (for parts especially) improved? (I know that there now is US support--I'm looking at getting mine from imakr.us anyway. This could be more a where-you-bought-it issue, but it was kind of unclear if they actually had the parts. If they don't, who aside from Ultimaker does?) Dual nozzles? (I've seen tons of sources dating back to 2013 saying that the Ultimaker 2 is on the cusp of dual nozzle extrusion, but alas nothing seems to have come from these plans. Am I missing something?) Anything else I should know? I have built a 3D printer with my bare hands. I know how they work, and I'm confident that--if the device lives up to its specs--the Ultimaker 2 is my next step forward. Disclaimer: I'm obviously new here, and I will admit that I haven't looked over the forums as well as I probably should have, but I was tired of just finding threads on concerns about the Ultimaker 2 near its release. I know that changes have occurred, so if anyone with recent experience or advice cares to chime in I would be most appreciative!
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