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  1. I am trying to track down the setting that is slowing my ultimaker2 to nearly 2/3rds the speed of my other printers. I seem to have about the same settings for both, but the print time is much larger on my UM2. (please note, even if I change the minimum layer time, and travel to match the Prusa settings, it still was over a half hour slower on this file.) Is it just the difference between one printer being 1.75, and the UM2 being 2.85? Or am I missing a setting somewhere? Basic settings http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q10/dragonsbrew717/Comparison1_zpslhsvi21h.png Advanced settings
  2. Beautiful work. Are you and your team members of e-Nable yet? http://enablingthefuture.org/ We have a lot of activity going on with our arm designs right now.
  3. Hello Kvones, Glad to hear your interest. All files can be found on Youmagine or on our website at http://www.enablingthefuture.org Also, If you shoot an email to http://mailto:letsgetstarted@enablingthefuture.org you will be connected with all you need to know to join up.
  4. I had the privilege of being a part of this event last week, with a few of us e-Nable crew. The Marvel Universe Live group flew a handful of us e-Nable members across the country to turn kids into superheroes in Dallas Texas!!! http://enablingthefuture.org/2015/02/05/e-nable-marvel-universe-live-assembling-to-save-the-universe/ Truly an event to cherish and remember forever.
  5. Loaded it in Cura, the status bar just hangs at the beginning. Doesn't even load the part for me either.
  6. One thing I have been looking into is a couple of these. http://www.belkin.com/us/p/P-F7C027/ They allow to remotely kill power from your phone. For long prints, I am already in the habit of using a camera to watch it remotely. With this I could easily kill the print remotely as well. All can be done other ways as well, (octoprint for example), But this way it all can be set up without the need for a computer, or ras-pi. If you have an old smartphone laying in a drawer somewhere, then you already have a wifi connectable camera you can re-purpose it into.
  7. Still running, But I think it's clear I found the answer to my problems. Bad filament. With new material it is a world better. This is actually somewhat disappointing, these Ultimakers are full time eNABLE machines. They are both personal, and classroom used, for making hands and education. I was graciously donated 12 spools of older filament, to get started. Sadly I don't think the material will work. The bright side, is with nicer filament, the machines are going to run GREAT!! time to start working on building a filament collection. Thanks guys for helping me through this. Finish
  8. Okay, here's what I got with that file, at 230. PLA Clicking started right after 4mm^3/sec. And when I say "clicking", I guess that's the same as what is called slipping. The feeder skips back on the material. This is some older material. I just received a brand new spool of Colorfabb, I'm going to do a run of that and see if there is any improvement.
  9. Thanks for the link. Great guide. Turning the feeder down to the lowest setting, does seem to eliminate the clicks. But of course I know that is just masking the real issue, and not the ideal solution. Thanks Don for pointing me too the Roberts Feeder. After searching for more about it, and seeing how many people have gone to it, It is going on the list for sure. I'm new to the forum, so there is a lot to study up on, but one thing is for sure, Ultimaker makes some amazing and beautiful machines.
  10. Are the gear marks in filament generally this prominent, after passing through the feeder? I have the tension set nearly to the lightest (top). Clicks badly if I go lower. I do still get feeder slip/clicks about every 30 seconds as well. Pla. I have ranged temps from 200 up to 225 with no difference, speeds from 40-60mms, and filament is measuring at 2.89mm.
  11. Nice Jonny. Yeah, not only are the hands life changing for the kids, they are also really great projects to demonstrate what printers are capable of. I learned a lot, and got my printers pretty well dialed in, all while working on my first demo hand a while back. Plus they are super fun to show off
  12. Thanks As for size, that all depends on the recipient. The hands are scaled to size.They could be small, for a young child, up to a full grown adult. The picture up above, where I am holding the red palm, that was yesterday when I finally got the clog clean, and was running a very first test print on the new printer. It is a small palm, but I have built one very close to that size for a young 3yr old boy, so the sizes are all over the place really. The first picture however, that is a different red palm actually, and is sized for an 11yr old. Currently I am working on a hand for a 7yr ol
  13. Thanks so much guys. I did start a thread a few weeks ago, if you had not seen it. here: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/8214-introduction-and-enable-hand-print-pictures/ I will for sure start posting updates, now that I am a proper Ultimaker owner and all
  14. Proud new owner of two UM2's. They were used machines, so I spent a good couple of days cleaning them up, and getting to know them. Previous users were printing in Nylon, so I fought some high temp clogs at first. But got them cleaned out and flowing nicely now in PLA. Side by side printing hands for eNABLE Both of these I will be keeping at my local makerspace, where they will now be a full time, public eNABLE station. Trained members will be free to use them for building hands for kids, while I am not there. These are going to be two busy machines!! I am working on 3 hands right now
  15. This isn't about the hands, but still very cool. I was invited to my local Children's Hospital yesterday, not about the hands for kids in this case, although that is a HUGE upcoming project with them in the future. This invite was to the cardiatric center, to speak with one of the Heart Surgeons and a Clinical Research Nurse, about how 3D printing is benefiting heart surgery. Here's a brief article about what I am talking about, http://3dprint.com/1219/3d-printing-helps-fix-childs-heart-save-life/ In short, pre-surgery, the doctors can take the MRI scan of the heart, and print out an exact
  16. Didier, as for the non printed materials, Online is good for medical foam padding, and Velcro, but I go to my local hardware store for the screws and nylon line. Hobby store for elastic cord. Here is a nice list of online locations to start with: http://enablingthefuture.org/resources/hardware-sources/
  17. Oops, we posted at the same time, sorry to double post, It's much easier now to get XT here in the states since the last month or so. Colorfabb teamed with an online friend of mine at PrintedSolid.com, he has been keeping the colors in stock. He is also a great US distributer of many of the exotic filaments. Carbon fiber, woods, bronze etc.. Not trying to promote other suppliers on here, but if anyone in the US reads this, it may help to find some XT quickly at his site. Maybe I will promote this to the eNABLE group, with hopes of some testing started...
  18. I have a spool of XT here, But have not really felt the need to use it on a hand. PLA with 30+ infill has worked great so far. XT I know would be great for some applications, maybe a larger adult hand 'utility' hand, or maybe in high temperature areas of the world where the hot sun could be a factor. But for the most part PLA is adequate. We have 2 adults, both working jobs that require lifting, one is a package handler actually, and they both have been able to use the hands well with standard plastics. I would be interested to try XT to test the surface area and smoothness of joints. PLA
  19. Thanks Sander, glad to be here! As for the questions Didier, James seems to have this thread covered lol. I would like to elaborate just a bit though. For materials, I wouldn't say PLA only. Really ABS is fine if that is a material you prefer. We tried to keep it PLA only for a large conference we put on at Johns Hopkins University here in the US, but we had a reason for that. For general printing otherwise ABS is fine. Many early on were using Nylon (Bridge mostly), which is a great material, just limited to white unless you take the time to dye it before hand. I am experimenting with a
  20. Thanks Didier, That hand was very fun to put together, his story really touched my heart. They all do really, lol. eNABLE is a truly great group of people. Like James here, and thousands of others. I am just lucky to be involved. Here's a pic of the Batman one I finished last night. It is going to little 'Bubba' in Hawaii, if you saw him in the news at all. He's our most famous little superhero. Sadly his first IronMan hand broke, the small size of his hand makes it a bit of a challenge on the older design, the new Raptor is much stronger. His mom is keeping this one a surprise, and th
  21. Hello, sorry, G.R. is my hometown. Grand Rapids Michigan. Force of habit when I typed it. Yeah, I've printed a dozen or so hands, so I am more than happy to share tips and answer ANY questions that come with building them. Nice to meet you.
  22. Hello, My name is Aaron Brown. I am an eNABLE volunteer and am in the process of purchasing 2 UM2's, hopefully I will become more involved with this community as I go. I will post a few of the eNABLE hands I have made in the past. Both for demo, and for children that have received them. Here are a few pictures; Myself with a small demo table at Mini-Makerfaire G.R. My Wolverine themed hand More pictures of it here: http://imgur.com/a/Adcke An IronMan colored hand: More pictures here: http://imgur.com/a/NWX8S A Wounded Soldier themed hand with functional accessory rails added.
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