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  1. SOLVED OK, here what I did to cure it. I did the cylinder test and failed major miserably at 5mms . I then Started again on stripping down the head and taking our the Teflon tube. I did notice a little browning on this so I shave about .5m with a craft knife. Then checked the flatness of the new face using Electronic calipers. I then heated up the hot end to 230 and used a safety pin straightened out to clean out the nozzle very thoroughly and also the edge that the Teflon tube sits on. it took about half an hour of burned fingers, a little cursing and swearing. I then put it all back togeth
  2. @nicolinux Have just taken a look at the mosaic printing site. Very interesting idea, but no I did it all manually using PLA from The 3D Filament Shop in the UK.
  3. @pm-dude no I paused and swapped part way through. It made the print quite interesting and I was more involved.
  4. HI Didier, thanks for your reply. The left and right sides ( looking from front of printer) are fine its the Front and back that are a poor holy/stringy print. Filament being used is Either "the3d filamentshop" own brand (not chinese made in the uk) - Ultimaker Blue and some sample of Trideus PLA all with same results.Up until now all prints have been excellent. I have left a print running (new feeder for the back) this morning with the flow rate at 120% and the Temp at 213 Degs. All seemed ok when I left it about half an hour ago. I shall do the cylinder test when I get back home. I did
  5. HI All, I am new to this forum as a contributor but not as a reader,I have helped incredibly by the already posted stuff on the forum but I am now stuck. I have been doing excellent quality prints on the Ultimaker 2 since I have had it about 8 weeks ago. I did some prints lately of 4-5 hours for a local school and now all seems to have gone wrong. I have done the Cleaning methods mentioned in the forum, Stripped the head down, Checked the Teflon white bit and tubing and all seems ok, Had the feeder in pieces Used a 0.4 needle to clean nozzle etc. But I cannot fathom out what is going wron
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