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  1. Thanks! I installed it and it works, thank you so much!
  2. No I assumed it wasn't meant to be there and so I didn't install it, should I install it then?
  3. Thanks I reformatted the SD card and tested firstly with one file and then with all files and it didn't work with all the files so a file may have been corrupted. Im only able to set it to AUTO? Is there anyway of changing that? Thanks.
  4. I have two problems which are mean at the moment I cannot print anything. The first problem is that when I put in my SD card and go to select a file the printer knows there is the SD card in there but it doesn't show any files or any options except the top title of SD Card and the lower border line, I then have to remove it to make the printer see that there is no SD card and I can return to the main menu. Any ideas? The second problem is that when I connect my printer to my laptop by the cable Cura doesn't recognise that its connected and so won't install the default firmware. My printer is on version - 14.07.0. Any help? Thank you.
  5. Sorry I had misunderstood what was said and after playing aorund with the settings i have fixed it, Thank you!
  6. But the model is meant to look like the original view and the layered view says that it won't have that top inset circle which is the problem.
  7. When I put in the STL file into Cura it works fine until you go into layer view and it shows the top inset circle as filled in/not there at all. Any help? (In the layered view the top face on the lower section of the design isn't shown to be there when looking at the top layer but when you go down towards that layer it appears, so thats a bug I know about).
  8. When restarting the machine after trying to fix some blockage problems with the machine it is clear that I have to go on to the main menu to get into the settings but I need to run the first run wizard first. Is there any way past the first run wizard?
  9. Thank you, it did reach the nozzle from what I can see but I will try what you said. When this happened I did turn it off during the first run wizard because I didn't want to leave it running with a problem. Is there anything I should do when turning it back on after all of this?
  10. I got my Ultimaker 2 yesterday and as I was running the first set up wizard I got to step 15 when my printer wouldn't continue. This step is waiting for the the filament to ooze out the nozzle. The filament went through the feeder and some previous filament went with it which was from the first test print before it gets sent. After a couple of minutes the filament still hadn't extruded and the material feeder wasn't able to push the material through and so was slipping. Every step before hand had gone fine until this point. Any idea on what to do would be great?
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