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  1. That's so good to hear! I've been considering buying it for years but haven't dared spend that much on it.
  2. I did end up ordering genuine UM parts from a local shop, because of delivery time and warranty, and of course as @kirby207 said quality control etc. The extra cost however was closer to 60$ for the pair though... I also ordered some new belts and the extrusion upgrade pack while I was at it so my machine is really getting a lot of attention 😁
  3. OK thank you, should I buy genuine replacements? Or are ebay stepper just as good?
  4. Update; I took the steppers for x and y off and now it's smooth as butter. The stepper on the left is almost impossible to turn, is it dead? The one on the right is better but far from smooth turning. I should probably just get new ones right? Should I also change the feeder and z motors as well? I haven't felt them like this but the bed seems loose and fine.
  5. OK i could try that, that won't screw with any calibration stuff?
  6. Hello My trusty UM2 has suddenly got huge trubbles moving its head! I had a print going last night and when i checked it today it looked like this(see pics). I've had lube problems in the past so i tried cleaning and lubing my rails but it actually seems worse now. With the power off i can barely move the head in any direction. What should i do to solve this?
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