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  1. Trick to count G11 command : Edit the geode as text file, copy and paste in a spreadsheet then apply a filter that is equal to "G11" then count the remaining lines ... Maybe everyone already know but am happy to have found it ... Anyway, the point is that from my gcode I can find 10548 "G11" ... may be too much...
  2. Ok. I'll try to print it as I've programed it first (maybe tomorrow evening) if there is no risks for the printer, only risk of wasting a bit of material... Then I'll try later this week to print it standing as you suggested but for that I'll design the inner parts first. To be followed and thanks for sharing your experiences ;-)
  3. Do you mean that I might destroy the feeder for the printer? Actually the complete bridge counts 2 bays of 11 sections each x2 sides means 44 sections as the one seen on the last screenshot. (Cf. "viaduc de la renvoise")
  4. Good evening, I am done with modeling my part. I import my model on Cura then I switch on layer view. I focus on the layers concerning the topics (the rivets) then I need to have the settings as you can see on the picture to visualize a proper "Z hop". Would that setting work? does it influence the quality of the print or just the nozzle trajectory?
  5. Hi ! I am still in the modeling stage. I went back to the real bridge to take measurements and plenty of pictures. I am hoping to be able to start printing at the end of the week or early next week. For sure I'll keep you informed.
  6. Yes right, I was able to figure it out checking at the layers view in Cura. By playing with parameters I was able to see the retraction (blue lines going up) on the concerned layers. Now I'll have to try it out but it will take time as I have to redo the 3D model as I have a problem of scale with the original/real one. I'll keep you inform. Thanks again...
  7. Hello forum, I am Joël, living in France and using a Ultimaker2 that I bought a year ago. until now I didn't print much but now, I have more time to spend on it. Right now, am trying to print an Iron bridge structure but I got a problem in between the rivets. A line of plastic appears. Is it possible to avoid it? The diameter of the rivets is 0,4mm. I thought that is could be coming from the "Z hop when retracting" parameter that I've set to "3" and the "minimum travel" parameter at 1,5mm but it doesn't change anything... Is there any way to improve it? [/media-thumb] Thanks in advance for your answers Joël
  8. Maybe you can put you 3D design online so we can get it and make trial...
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