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  1. Dear Sander, yes I have received the parts I have ordered on November 24 except for one item (PT100B). This item was already available in the UM store at the date of delivery. Anyway, in parallel I have had a communication with one of your technical support guys about my printer problems, which promised to get another spare part send to me. I have mentioned to him that my order was missing one item and if he could just assemble the two parts into one shipment (small envelope!). I've been leaving a remark at the UM support page (sales and technical, replied to your collegues support mail twice and no end up again in this forum to have someone read my writings. Again: no one is replying for more then two weeks. Can someone please put the two small pieces in an envelope and send it to me? #DTD-193-80092 #KCM-262-28907
  2. to: ULTIMAKER Support After finally receiving a reply (20/11/2014 - 17:13) to my support ticket and the ordered items will be shipped the next day (which was confirmed by a standard email), I'm was already having doubts on 22/11/2014 that it is really shipped. -------------------------------------------------- ON 21/11/2014 - 09:12 I have received a confirmation email from ULTIMAKER, telling me that the items I have ordered are shipped. At the bottom of this email they state the following: ' Shortly after this email you will receive an email containing tracking details.' Well I have not. Is the email truthful? Europe Technical Support: #KCM-262-28907 Europe Technical Support:#YFD-828-61595 Sales: #DHS-526-90525
  3. T-ID: #KCM-262-28907 - Order: R417863326 That the lack of quick response might be related to high workload - Im' having no problem with that, but at the end it is not resolving my issues. Having a 2000 EUR piece just sitting around because of a small part that is having a backorder time of more then 2 months (nozzle) is simply ridiculous (I'm not complaining about the rip-off in terms of price for spare parts like this). I have read through this particular part of the UM forum and I guess anyone else would stop reading-on with the same impression: 'very lousy after sales service', that is the overall impression/reputation ULTIMAKER leaves for their customers. Yes, of course you did help one or the other customer (if all the respones UM left in the forum are true), anyway: the mass is complaining. 'we do our best to get back with everyone asap': maybe, but for me it is not good enough and if UM has stock issues - well this is non of my businesses, but get it sorted out quick (it lasts already all 2014). There are plenty of suppliers, which I believe would serve UM fast and easy. If you're not capable, hire someone (one would be sufficent) that is having good skills in the logistics area. For the rest and the time being: use guts feeling, which should serve you well enough. I agree: all of this does not happen overnight, but having stock issues for such a long period is requiring someone the is not searching for the right staff but to take it in his own hand and 'DO IT' to get obstacles sorted out. I'm simply requiring a replacement nozzle - this is it. I even ordered it without complaining (If I only would have read through the posts in ' Ordering of Spare Parts and Support Ticket submitted - no answer at all' BEFORE I had placed the order. Yes, I know I could have canceled the order and request a refund - but this seems to take even longer then waiting for spare parts. As a final remark: there is nothing bad or wrong in having problems 'as a startup company' to get the business up and running smooth, but the worst thing a company can do is, to treat their customers for 'stupid'. Announce the truth about your situation on your homepage and don't hide it in the user forum. Sooner or later UM will pay the price for the speculations customers start to undertake.
  4. I have submitted a ticket over a week ago now. Does anyone at ULTIMAKER know, what a 'customer' is? It would be very nice if a responsible person would react, if a customer is requiring help about your product. But after reading through the community area, I'm very disappointed about such ignorance regarding ULTIMAKER's aftersales service. How come that a 'startup' company does not feel the need to stay in touch with their customers and take them serious. ??This post will need approval from a moderator before it is shown. This restriction will be lifted when you have 3 more approved posts??
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