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  1. Hi Guys, I adjusted the retract to the 12 mm, and uploaded the firmware to the UM2. This seems to help quite a bit..... When starting a new print the material starts flowing sooner, Still It has some trouble (a helping hand/push just before the feeder motor is sometimes needed) since it starts overloading the feeder on occasion. yours
  2. Hey, Thanx for the feedback. @Nicolinux; Yeah mate that was my first guess as well.... sadly I ordered a complete new extruder kit and replaced the whole bunch and still the same result. @Dimensioneer; Thanx mate I will try this one..... Seems worth the try. Can you tell me if this manual covers the knowlage www.extrudable.me needed to change the code????? I will let you know if it worked for me. Most of all I'me troubled by the idea that more people should have this problem right? I've got the printer now for about 1 year and use it quite often....... Cheers!
  3. L.S., Since some time I am experiencing issues with the retract @ the end of a program. If I want to start the next print no material will flow through the nozzle.I think the issue has to do with "necking" of the filament just where the material is in its glass state. This "necking" of the material prevents a firm push from the extruder/fillament (material slides along itself. piece of filament in nozzle and in bowden tube arn't connected no more ) when starting a new print...... Does any one of recognize this problem? If so is there somewhere in cura/firmware where i can change the amoun
  4. thanx for your comment it fixed my problem as well uploading custom firmware yours, Jesse
  5. Hoi, Thanx for de respons! Net de staté prikker ter hand genomen icm handmatig feeden. Ook de veerspanning in de bowden hoger gezet. Het olien van de assen geeft idd verschil! Raar is alleen dat dat laatst ook nog gedaan is.... hebben jullie ook zo'n hoge interval hiervoor? thnx
  6. Hoi Dank voor de posts hier boven, genoeg variabelen om uit te sluiten. Hier ervaren wij de zelfde problemen, al hoor ik veelal de feeder kleine retracts geven. Weet iemand of dit enkel een overload beveiliging voor de stappenmotor is??? Ik zit er nu over te denken om de retract in eenprint helemaal uit te schakelen (wat oozing zal vergroten). Heeft iemand hier ervaring mee? Behalve de niet constante feed heeft er ook een x-as verschuiving van de print plaatsgevonden. Na 5 uur printen is langs de x-as extra weerstand ontstaan waardoor het printje een "Toren van Pizza" is geworden.... Ook i
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