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  1. I just download and install Cura 15.06.01 on my PC Windows 8.1 and I can´t update my Ultimaker 2 firmware, it just stay in the "Starting firmware update, this may take a while", the progress bar shows no update and it has been the same for 1 hour. Does anyone knows what could be the problem?
  2. Hello, I was having terrible under extrusion problems on my brand new Ultimaker 2 The I add a filament filter/ioler whit a little bit of canola oil and that take all the demons out of my UM2 I hope this help to those how are having trouble whit under extrusion. TIP: Whit canola oil I can actually see where the filament was getting stuck inside the feeding tube.
  3. Thanks Neotko, I checked the advance settings and reset all values to default and that correct the problem. But what did you mean by "speed it's specific for each finish"
  4. Hello, I have an Ultimaker Original Plus for almost two months, everithyng was fine until today. I was trying to print a file that will take 36 hours to complete, I leave the machine alone for 8 hours and when i returned the printer was at 1% of the job, and printing very, veeeery slow. When printing it makes some normal moves at normal speed, but in some points it slows too much This is a screen shot of my settings: The advance settings remain untouched. I also want to mention two things, before I started the print I update Cura to 15.02.1 and re install the printer firmware, then I n
  5. I all ready do a little research on this Direct Drive system for the Ultimaker, I'll be honest whit you, for me It's seems a huge improvement over the short belts, but at the same time I think that it needs some more tweaking that just adding some connectors. In your experience. How difficult it's this mod? It's just simple plug and play?
  6. Thank you guys for the answer and tips. Definitely I will start to look on to this GT2 convertion, now that you point me on the right direction it's seemsn very doable for my level of skills. Thanks anon4321, with Jopnny Bischof suggestions and this all I need to do now is buy those things, I will order those parts and do a comparative between better quality MXL pulleys and GT2 system. I think that we all ready know that the GT2 system it's better, but for some beginners like my self maybe the MXL swap could a little easier, but since the UM2 go for the GT2 components it's defini
  7. I was looking for this option to, but I have no luck finding a related post or topic in order to know what things to buy and how to do it. Do you have this mod on your Ultimaker?
  8. I don't mind buying 5 kits of pulleys since I'm pretending to buy more Ultimakers for my business. Do you have a link for the list post? Thanks for answering to this post. Can 100 pieces be possible? I know because of the low number of pieces the cost is going to be a little bit higher. But can this be an option in case that we don't get more people to reach 200 pieces?
  9. Hello, Does anyone know if the user @foehnsturm still makes those premium quality pulleys for the Ultimaker original? Or Where can I get better quality pulleys? Today I was looking at mine and 80% of them have bad shape. Thanks
  10. Hello, I’m starting a new 3D bussiness here in Mexico, it's a 3D cafe where people can learn everything related whit 3D Printing, that's the reason why I'm looking for an Ultimaker Original. In order to get the young people access to this technology I gave 30 kids a full free pass for a complete year and one printer can't do the job. So, if anyone is having thoughts of selling his or her printer I'm here. I'm mostly looking for a non upgraded printer, 100% stock. Greetings from Mexico
  11. Hi, A quick update on the good things to. The sales team send me two days a go my Pro-forma Invoice, They confirm that any order is lost or erased, and They will solve any problem whit my account and everyone else. I have to thank the Ultimaker sales team for the quick answer, that Pro-forma gave me patience in order to wait for my shipping confirmation. Thanks
  12. So everything would be back to normal? Today I logged as always an my order still missing.!
  13. This is really sad, I have a bad feeling about this.! All my Christmas bonus plus savings are in this printer.! :sad:
  14. Same problem here, the only logging door is on the store section, but i have to reset my password, and when i was able to log in all my order info disappear, now i don,t know what to do.!
  15. On November 26 I bought an Ultimaker Original +, today I was trying to check the status of the order in my account, and it said that I don't have any placed orders. My order number is R814357783 I'm starting to freak out and they don't answer any of my tickets, and now this : ( I even send a PM to Sander whit no luck, I know the reputation of there printer but the the experience of buying whit them it's really scary. Is it difficult to get a refund? Thanks. Sorry for my english, I'm from Mexico
  16. Algún usuario de Ultimaker en México.?
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