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  1. Didier: I checked the teflon and seemed right, I passed a filament and it could move correctly. It was slightly burnt on the lower part and I removed the burnt parts a little bit to avoid future friction. We use the ultimaker PLA filament, pearl white. I've checked the thickness of the filament and seemed correct. Yellowshark: we've tried with different settings of retractions to discard this but it always makes the same. It is true that to avoid stringing I had to set values of 7mm and 40mm/s for retraction lenght and retraction speed in the case of the photos. The feeder is at it's minimum pressure and it's true that the filament appears really marked but I'm not sure if it's the cause or the consequence. Is there an alternative to reduce the pressure on the filament when the minimum is reached? Thanks
  2. It's happened again with the values I posted previously, I attach some pictures of the fail. The print until it fails looks pretty fine, without stringing or anything, I'm lost here since I don't really know what the problem is... Any suggestions? is it really the teflon? Thanks
  3. hi, I tried printing with 0,1 layers and it worked just fine. We are still trying to achieve smaller layers. we are now doing a test and looks fine for a 0,04mm height layer but with values of retraction of 7mm and 40mm/s. Is that too much? does it have any risk or bad consequences for the machine? We had some issues with the feeder, after cleaning it and replacing the screws it seems it's working fine and accepting this retraction values. Other parameters: Tº 210 at the beginning and then 195º, speed 20 std parameters of retraction on cura.
  4. Thanks for the explanation, I'll finish this print and if it keeps doing it I'll check the teflon to see if it's deformed. Any other idea what could be the cause? It seems too soon to be deformed since we haven't used that much.
  5. Thanks, we've had the UM2 for 3 or 4 months now, as we speak we are trying to print with 0.1mm layers and see if there are any changes. About your suggestion, what do you mean by the Teflon? the filament? we're using PLA in this case, could it be that the back enginge is the problem, that it gets stuck or it doesn't work properly while retraction? Is there any suggestion as to adjust pressure on the cable?
  6. Hi everybody, I've been reading a lot of posts in this forum and they've been of great help. I hope you can help me again. We've acquired an UM2 in the place where I work, a design Studio. We are mainly focused on the good quality of prints instead of speed, and still looking for the right print parameters. We recently are having some trouble when printing with supports. The thing is that at some height the printer stops extruding and the extruder keeps flying arround without printing anything else. What could be the cause. The begining of the piece is well done and no problems appear. Here are a couple of pictures of how it looks and the original design in cura. Some of my parameters are layer height 0.04 Shell thickness 0.8 Print Speed 20 Temperature 210 Travel Speed 150 Retraction: Min travel 1.5 Min extrusion before retracting 0.02 retraction length 5.5 retraction speed 25 If you need any other parameter to have a better idea don't hesitate to ask 2) I have been playing around with other parameters for retraction but to this point this seem to be the "best" 3) After it stops I usually clean it the atomic way but the nozzle seems not clogged Thanks in advance for your help
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