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  1. IS it too late to enter? Since first phase ended the 14th or was the timeline exteneded?
  2. Hey Sanders, I was wondering if I could get anupdate! On Jan 6th I decided to keep my order as is and was talking to another person through Ultimaker named Sabrina and around this time she said it would be shipped. I was wondering if you could see how much longer it will be. I am doing my best to have patience, but I have been excited to start using the printer since November. I also hope you enjoyed CES! Must have been quite the experience. orr# #r337542762 Charles
  3. Hey SandervG, Still no update on Status of my order #r337542762. I just noticed that ultimaker is making an announcement on Jan 6th. I would like know the status of my order because I potentially might want the new version instead depending on price and time to get it. In other words hold off shipping till then. Please let me know if you have any idea on the status of my order. You can also email me directly at info@charleswilliamsco.com
  4. Steven any word on your order being delivered. I ordered mine around Nov 28th and hearing you are still waiting for yours scares me a bit!
  5. I am being patient as possible but I was wondering if there is any update when my printer will ship. Order #R337542762 I know the lead time can be 4-6 weeks I am just curious if it is looking that it will be closer to the 4 or 6. I am just excited to start using and sharing what I am able to do with it:) Also thank you to everyone who uses this forum. It was very helpful answering a lot of my questions before ordering my printer. Charles
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