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  1. Ok. I can send the command from windows cmd to slice the file. I have done it and create a gcode file. And then send the command to open cura the gcode file. This is almost there i believe is good enough. It would be nicer if i could get the print info (estimated time, weight of object and cost) do they stored somewher? I cant find them in gcode file.somewhere else maybe where i can have access? I want to find them and send them through a web service.
  2. Hi im George this is my first post here. I use cura with all my printers and now i have a msc thesis assignment and i want to control cura through windows terminal. I can open a stl file, i used cura -s and sliced it. Finally i want to use cura -r in order to open the print interface and print the object. The problem is that i get AttributeError module object has no attibute startPrintInterface and it gives me errors in some lines in the cura.py and runpy.py files. Do you know how i can make it works? Thanks!
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