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  1. Hello, Here is my entry for the contest: About a year ago I started playing airsoft (its like paintball without the paint) with a collegae of mine which has been playing for more than 10 years. I was hooked the first time playing. But I found out that there was a big problem a lot of players had and that the safety goggles where fogging up. And when they do you can't play anymore because there is no visibility. Some people clean the goggle in field which is very dangerous, so I started asking around and looking on the internet for anti-fog protection goggles without succes. Than the idea hit me that in every car the rear windshield is electrically heated with resistance wire. So I thought about using that for my own goggle design. There was another problem that I have prescription glasses for far sight and they also would fog, so I had to integrate them. I made a frame with 3 layers of glass the first layer was the glass from a Bolle X1000 protection goggle which I digitized using a lot of photos in autodesk memento which creates a 3D mesh model. The second layer are the prescription glasses and the last layer is a peace of acryl which was laser cut with small holes on the edge to put the resistance wire in. That all is mounted in a 3D printed frame of PLA. In the first field test it worked perfect no fogging issues anymore, there is only one problem with the PLA 3D printed frame that is not very comfortable on my face due to the stiffness of PLA. And also printing in PLA with the large overhangs creates messy prints which can be seen on the top left side of the picture below. So it would be nice to be able to print it in a flexible material but for that i would need also PVA due to the large overhangs. Which I'm now not able to do with my UM2. So I definitely going to mount the Mark2 kit if I win it or not.
  2. Really nice we will keep waiting patiently, keep up the good work.
  3. Is it needed to update de UM2 with V17 before switching to Cura 2.4 ?
  4. I was rethinking my step when I tested with other PC's and only with my laptop which I tested first I directly saved the file to my SD card and checked the Gcode, than I got the errors. But with all the other PC's I saved the file to the local disk drive and none of them showed any errors. So that made me suspect the SD card, so I completely formatted my SD card, and so far no issues. Them will tell if the issue is fixed.
  5. Last weekend I reinstalled my windows 10 x64 PC fresh install of cura 2.3.1 after several print the error is back The blob in the photo below is the result of air printing Below you can see the Gcode simulation From this I saw that the it started to print an previous printed model (the blue square with the red crosses). Is there someone of the Ultimaker Cura team who can help, I now have to check the Gcode every time before printing. This is the cura layer view of that exact Gcode: The Gcode can be found here: Gcode
  6. Still having troubles with Cura 2.3.1. I installed Cura on my laptop (which never had any cura install) and used the model from the maker magazine test of 2015 the fine_positive_features stl. I set cura to normal profile and generated the Gcode ans started printing with the following result: See the print blob in the middle of the print. This is the screenshot from the last layer of cura: The green line is not supposed to be there I also installed 2.1.3 and loaded the same model as above, than generated the Gcode on normal settings and run the simulator. Everything was ok. Than restarted Cura 2.1.3 and loaded the model again, and again in the simulator it show the same error as above. The same with 2.1.2. A friend of mine tried it with cura 2.3.0 (on windows 7) without any problems. Maybe there is some relation with windows 10. EDIT: I tried one other Windows 8 PC which I couldn't reproduce the error. And another windows 10 laptop also could not produce the error. I'm going to reinstall my main windows 10 PC coming weekend to see if it fixes, or that maybe another program causes the bug.
  7. And what does the Gcode simulator show ? http://gcodesim.dietzm.de/ Because in Cura I also cant find anything. There probably some relation between cura and my windows/drivers. But I never had this problem with Cur 2.1.2 and earlier it started with 2.3 final. I also had it with other stl files not only this one.
  8. The STL can be found here: STL File xray didn't show anything as did the layer view in cura. It seems to be always the last layer.
  9. Today I printed the part again with minor changes to the model. And again a print error. This time it printed some top infill on top of other infill on the same layer. In the red circled areas you see the green top -1 layer which should not be visible. The nozzle (the small white circles) is printing again over the purple area.
  10. In the first screenshot from the startpost an simulation of de Gcode can be seen (simulator used is from http://gcodesim.dietzm.de/). The Gcode tells the UM2 on the last layer to go down and start printing. Which means that the nozzle is pressed into the already printed part. Which is clearly the supposed to do that. In the second screenshot on the last layer the Gcode tells the UM2 to start printing in the air on the right side of the already (unfinishend) part. I have had this problem 4 times with cura 2.3 and 2.3.1. With 3.2 only with the 64bit version and with 2.3.1 32 and 64 bit version. In dutch: Ik heb mijn model ingeladen in Cura 2.3.1 64 bits toen gcode laten genereren en die geprint. Bij de laatste laag ging the print kop ineens naar beneden waardoor hij vast kwam te zitten in het model en toen begon hij te bewegen (wat niet ging omdat hij vast zat in het model). Toen ik in de simulator ging kijken zat ik dat hij het zelfde deed, daardoor wist ik dat het niet aan de printer zelf lag. Twee andere keren had ik soort gelijk probleem maar begon hij in de lucht te printen langs het model. Het gaat niet altijd fout. De eerste keer had ik dat bij de 64 bits versie van Cura 2.3 toen heb ik de 32 bits versie geïnstalleerd en heb ik het probleem niet meer gezien ook niet na het weer installeren van de 64 bits versie. Toen ik de update 2.3.1 geïnstalleerd had kreeg ik weer het zelfde maar dit keer bij 64 bits en 32 bits versie.
  11. Yesterday I printed another part made with the 32 bit version and also this one has gone wrong but on the last layer: So I loaded the model in cura today but now the generated Gcode is good. Gcode Part 1 Gcode Part 2
  12. What would you like to have ? I only have the Gcode that was generated by Cura with the error. And the .STL file of the model.
  13. if you look at the screenshort you can see that the nozzle is inside the model (shown on the right side of the screenshot. Also on the left side the purple line is all over the model. I can't show it in the cura viewer. Because I now installed the 32bit version which also seems to fix the 64bit version.
  14. Hello, I recently installed Cura 2.3.1 64 bit version and today i started printing some object, but there is a bug in de Gcode. Which cause the print head to go into the model. I had this also with cura 2.3 (see here LINK). Cura 2.3.1 32 bit doesn't have this bug Gcode simulator: It was good that I was near my printer otherwise something could have been broken. Now only a 4,5hour model is to waste.
  15. Looks indeed good, was this with UM2 and which feeder ? and 100% flow ?
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