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  1. Looking to sell my Ultimaker 2+, upgraded from Ultimaker 2 (hot end, nozzles, filament guide, build plate) Asking for $1200, light usage. LED strips aren't working 100% but that seems to be the only issue I'm aware of. I did a test print last night of ColorFabb XT and it came out great. This sale will come with original parts replaced in the upgrade and with DIY upgraded parts (ball bearing, segmented build plate cable protector, etc) Used for learning about 3D printing processes, no serious production work on it. I am located in the Boston area. Please buy it so that I can buy a UM S5 Pro! 😄
  2. If there isn't enough power to the nozzle, possibly due to a faulty adapter, I would imagine that the printer would never get started since it would perpetually be waiting to heat the nozzle. Maybe the thermal sensor could be broken too? I "test" nozzle temperature by putting some filament up against it on the exterior of the nozzle. If it's hot enough the filament should start melting. If it doesn't melt, then you probably have a temp problem. If it does melt, then my guess is that something is wrong with your feeder / nozzle pathway.
  3. I received a tracking number very recently, so Simon does appear to be on top of it now! Just some background: I originally opened the issue on 1/7, and I was responded to on 1/9, provided some more info like machine serial / shipping address on 1/9, asked on 2/1 for an update, then came to the forum for a sanity check today. I waited a long time before contacting fbrc8 again because it wasn't a critical need for myself so I'm not upset about the way things happened, but I was unsure if I needed to do anything but wait for the package, or if the package had been lost in the mail. I'm not sure if the ticketing system is broken and if I had some sort of urgent need and emailed 10 times between 1/7 and 2/1 if any of them would've been read. It's great that fbrc8 has a phone number on their page because sometimes that's the only option. One time a recruiter contacted me and it turned out that my domain name was blocked by their spam filter. That was insane to figure out! Most ticketing systems allow you to set some sort of response/resolve time threshold to help keep you on top of "stale" issues. This is great for businesses that have a difficult support staff to support queue ratio Looking forward to the replacement part Anthony
  4. Does anyone know if fbrc8 is the correct place to get support on the ultimaker? I saw in someone's signature that fbrc8 is supposed to be a point of contact for warranty/support issues but I am not getting any reasonable amount of support from them. I emailed last month asking for help with a middle fan problem on my ultimaker2, a guy named "Simon J Oliver" responded asking for my mailing address and machine info. A month goes by and doesn't respond to any more of my emails. Should US customers be talking to Ultimaker directly? I don't understand the support structure. Ultimaker is a brand that's represented by its distributors and resellers. I think there needs to be a lot more oversight on the customer-end-to-end performance. Otherwise we feel like we just paid $2500 for a machine that we can't even get replacement parts for when it's broken out of the box.
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