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  1. Guys, to let you know. My Ultimaker Original + was sent out yesterday and reached my door just couple of minutes ago! Thanks Ultimaker & FedEx! From Netherlands to Ireland in 24hrs. Nice one!
  2. Sander, thanks. Could you also respond to my PM please? Didier you're got to be kidding me...
  3. That was quick, I also managed to sen you a PM and comment under another post...
  4. It's unfair. I ordered on Oct 2nd too and my UO+ hasn't been sent out yet. Should I start posting about it everywhere (twitter maybe?) to get my 1600+ euro order fulfilled??....
  5. Oh, and nobody contacted me about the delay. I found the info on the website and asked about it via email. Got late response saying, that yeah, it is delayed. No compensation though. Order id: https://www.ultimaker.com/orders/R888612044
  6. I have the same issue here... I ordered mine on October 2nd. I believe it should be sent out this week too, can you please confirm? Also, no one responds to my emails. Ticket: #OKC-493-62318
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