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  1. Ciao, si è disponibile. è stata comunque convertita per i filamenti da 1,75mm e non da 2.85 e come feeder ho montato il migliore al mondo il Bondtech che mi è costato 220 euro.
  2. Ciao ti interessa ancora una UM 2+ in perfette condizioni a 1150 euro?
  3. Today I did a factory reset and after that I started to have the following problems. The printer creates problems after printing the first layer. The subsequent layers of filling are all detached one with each other. I tried to lower the current values of the stepper motors first to 1100 mA and then to 1000mA but nothing changed. Where is the problem?
  4. Hi any of you can help me understand how to install and edit the printing area for this fan duct solution? I also wrote to the creator but he did not answer me. I would like to understand what the Stl file called Switch is and what it is used for. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/super-fan-duct-for-ultimaker-delicious-clam
  5. I used temp 209°C nozzle size 0.4 bed temp 54°C height 0.1 I'm very disappointed with the part about the bridges.
  6. I stopped printing with the third fan duct (ZetOff) because it was too bad. Labern fan duct is winning, but I would also like to try the delicious clam solution. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/super-fan-duct-for-ultimaker-delicious-clam
  7. Hi guys, I did this test with three different fan ducts, here are the results. Labern's has given the best result, but I'm not happy about printing the bridges, they are too bad.
  8. Hi Bob, I bought the metal model in china but I will only arrive in September so in the meantime I was looking for a good solution.
  9. Hi nilrog Thank you for this information!
  10. I also used it until some time ago but then printing ABS or PC I always deformed so I was looking for a definitive solution or better that would not deform and that it is distant of the hot-end.
  11. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/super-fan-duct-for-ultimaker-delicious-clam
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