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  1. Yeah i'm aware of that and i'm very carful about the atomic pulls. However, i'm still convinced it's there since the beginning, because when i move the head by hand in one direction (eg. towards the front of the printer) it does not move in "smooth" fashion, but it does so in a series of "jumps" or "waves" - not sure how to describe it. The same happens if i try to pull the head diagonally (equally X and Y) - the head does not follow the hand smoothly along the X=Y, but it tries naturally to follow X-Y zigzag pattern. I think these are the symptoms of the rods being dead. I always thoug
  2. Thank you, i got my UM2 directly from Ultimaker, but i guess i'm out of luck since the machine is out of warranty already. I'll take a look at the igus site, thank you again
  3. Hello, i have my um2 for quite a bit of time and it used to give me a headache from time to time with the well debated issue (top layer lines not touching, etc.). It's definitely not underextrusion in my case. The issue seemed to come and go, we learned to live with it and we ditch the failed prints when the issue came back. However, during the recent maintenance of the printer as i moved the printhead by hand i noticed the rods (the thick ones, X/Y) are not straight. I can even see it with naked eye, the rod is bent and as i slide the printhead, it moves and it has some effect on the prin
  4. Is it possible to save post processing settings into the profile? In the old Cura, the plugin settings (eg. pause at height) were saved/loaded from profile. It doesn't seem to be the case with Cura2 though.
  5. @gr5 okay, i will try to print at 110% flow and will report back. I always had the impression that increasing the flow is just covering up a problem instead of fixing it.
  6. So just couple more people with the same problem, but without a real solution - or at least an acknowledgement from UM if this is a known issue or what. Should we contact the support? This is quite frustrating. I just tried a new spool of Colorfabb orange, printed it at 210C and i still get the line-separation-top-not-closed whatever issue.
  7. PTFE was like new last time i checked, i have never tried ABS, but i did the atomic pull many many times. Doesn't seem to help. What troubles me is that i'm not the only one (from what i've found out while lurking the forum waiting for someone to figure out that's wrong.)
  8. The problem is that i get this effect on the bottom, solid layers as well. The printer doesn't even get to printing the infill and the surface looks just like this. I tried all the relevant things from the guide (checked the short belts, pushed the motors down, also one axle showed the "Protruding axes" effect a bit, so i fixed that, nothing helps)
  9. I forgot to add, this effect is visible even on the bottom solid layers, it starts at around layer 4 to 6 when printing a object.
  10. I did measure the filament and the diameter was OK, also tried another color from UM as well as Colorfabb PLA. Infill density on this object is 25%, the number of the solid layers is 6 on the sides and 12 solid (0.1mm) layers over the cutout in the middle. That should be plenty, right?
  11. This is printed at 50mm, 0.1 layers, sliced in Cura. Temp was 215, Ultimaker PLA. To me, it looks like the same issue a user Nicolinux (and others) have. Underextrusion isn't visible on the sides of the object. Also, first 3-4 layers are usually perfect.
  12. I have the same issue, too. Got my ultimaker last year, been lurking the forums for a solution. Nothing from this thread, or the other one (https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/6375-top-layers-not-touching-um2?page=38) seems to help. Is guys at ultimaker aware of this?
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