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  1. Hi A few more mods plus tidy up and weight reduction off moving parts. 1/ Manual feed wheel added to step motor. 2/Steel cross material feed shaft replaced with carbon fibre shaft. 3/Carbon fibre shaft and bearing added to support any pull on head by filliment that might effect print quality. Rod
  2. Hi Just finished latest mod to Bowden tube feeder replacement to enable me to feed and print 1.75 Ninjaflex flexable filliment. Test prints turned out as good as PLA or better. Rod[/media][/media]
  3. The bowden fan is an interesting idea. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/3435-new-fan-cooling-design#reply-19327 https://ultimaker.com/en/community/3435-new-fan-cooling-design#reply-19299 Hi replacing the fans with an airjet has worked out well for me as it givesme more control of temp when printing.Fans can produce to mutch air to the wrong place that can have an adverse efect on buildplate temp and nozzle temp resulting in bad prints and other problems plus they add extra weight to the moving printhead. I printed a Tourbillon watch by Christoph Laimer with the airjet with very few problems. Rod[/media]
  4. Hi just finished latest mod to enable me [/media]to remove printhead feeder assembly allowing me to change ptfe or to convert to use 1.7 filliment.By removing the single screw in the centre of the printhead an lifting up takes about 10 sec. Rod
  5. Hi Feedhead weight now 49grms .I removed the material cooling fans scrouding ect a year ago and replaced with air from a pump witch fans out just below the hot end nozzle .The only fan i use is to cool my hotend setup whitch is not standard so should be a lot lighter than the original. Bevel gears are brass motor is the original ultimaker material feed motor.As to making feeder a kit all depends on the cost and feedback i get back.Now working on idears fo MK 2. Thanks all for your interest. Rod.
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