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    Slicing gaps.

    Also, it seems that plugins periodically, randomly, and intermittently get disabled for no reason, even though they are shown as enabled and configured. As an example, Retract while combing (the older version) failed to be implemented on the print I'm doing now, even though it's clearly enabled in the gui.
  2. bot

    Slicing gaps.

    Okay, but if you look closely, the slicer is missing lines. They are filled in on some layers, but don't appear on others. There is definitely enough room to have a .35mm line there. Trust me, these gaps do not get filled. I have an accurately built machine. Using less perimeters is a work-around I did use, but sometimes I need so many perimeters. So how about fixing this bug?
  3. Hi. Sometimes I get gaps in my slicing, as follows. They do translate to gaps in the print surface. http://imgur.com/a/F8LF9
  4. Yeah, good thing I'm able to solve the problem now by disabling the auto-slicing!
  5. Well, I have 16GB of physical memory here, so if anything the python process would run out of places to allocate memory... (is that the right way of putting it?)
  6. You know what it might be (a wild guess here), I'm running an SSD, and cura is running off the SSD. and I have my appdata and other folders moved to another hard drive (kinda hacky). I wonder if that might have anything to do with it...
  7. Oh... yeah. I forgot, sorry. I was expecting to see the button right away. This is FREAKING AMAZING! You just saved me so much frustration. Perhaps I will stick with Cura. Thank you, PM_Dude.
  8. Interesting, daid. Are you running a PC? Windows 7? Do you have MS Security Essentials enabled? I wonder why my machine has trouble killing the process... And PM_Dude, copying that file over does nothing for me...
  9. Rc2 certainly seems MUCH better, at least in that one scenario I showed on the video. I do like helping you squash these bugs, but I'd still think I'd like to have a manual slice OPTION. Another bug, but it's kinda user error, is when I switch to the layer view pre-emptively, before the thing is ready, I get a frozen screen, rather than being able to switch back to the normal view. Perhaps just greying out the layer view button until it's ready would work.
  10. Should I try rc3? I'm gonna install rc2 and wait on your "go-ahead" for trying rc3.
  11. Somebody tried this with 14.12 and the issue is still there. There seems to be a retract every "layer" change."
  12. I will download it and try it out! Thank you. What changes did you make? (dumb it down for me, please! )
  13. Well, the issue isn't the g-code viewer itself. I can handle it taking a while to load. I just hate accidentally having it load again. But there does seem to be an intermittent issue where it takes a LONG time to do some things before even getting to the g code preivew... I'll try to pin point some more specific details to recreate the scenario, but things are going smoothly for now (I think it relates to the number of triangles in a model).
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