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  1. couldtn you just get a seperate power supply for the heated bed?
  2. I ordered a Prusa 12" i3v While I play and learn with that I will save up for a Ultimaker 3 XL
  3. ofcourse.. but offering a XL version doesn't seems like it would be that difficult to achieve.
  4. I do wish that the UM2 would have a larger print bed. so it could do a 12"x 12" x 12" object It doesnt seem like it would be very difficult to make that change. A few longer belts, Slides and Screws/Rods, plus the larger support structure of course.. but still, I wonder why the UM2 wasnt made larger then the original. has anyone tried a DIY Ultimaker Original XL?
  5. Thank you for that reply. it helps I would love to get the UM2 as its the latest and greatest available. but it would cost be $2700 (CDN). I have never used a 3d printer and whatever i get will be my first machine.. in a way I want to get the Original+ as I want the experience of assembling the unit myself (remind me of the great time i had a a kid assembling my first RC car) I learned alot. the Original+ would cost me $1700 (CDN) still alot.. maybe I should start off with something low end.. in the $500 range to get my feet wet any recommendations for low end machines?
  6. Other then the asthetics and noise of the units whats the real difference between what the ultimaker Original+ and the Ultimaker 2 can print. is one faster then the other? is one cleaner or sharper then the other? if i printed the same file on both would i see a difference?
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