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  1. how do you make cura print them all at once? Settings somewhere? I am trying to print a 2 color object, changing the fillament in the middle of the print and I am trying to print as many objects in one go as possible. how do I arrange the items in cura? whenever I try to move two objects coloser together cure moves the other one away from this one. Can I turn that function off in the settings somewhere, or do I have to make on stl file containing all the objects in one go?
  2. So... If I understand correctly, just pause the print. Then pull out the filament manually and put in the other color manually! Sounds easy! Did I miss something?
  3. Thanks for the help... very useful... Just a question. why do we print the extrusion test with 230° usually printing temperature is more around 210° for pla. Or do I get something completely wrong now?
  4. yes it is the same filament... just different light. thanks for the recommendation of the atomic method. I did it and a lot of black stuff came out. I also printed the test file again and it looks much better already. still far away from perfect thou. Do I just have to clean the nozzle better..... or any other ideas. I will just keep trying. thanks... here the new picture of the test file. this time white pla.
  5. I am having a problem with underextrusion to.... At 230° celsius it didn't work at all.... 240° looks much better. Almost perfect. but I don't understand why it is not working good when printing.... any problem solving ideas welcome! will upload more pictures soon.
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