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  1. It is too much for a little piece in EU comunity, FeEdx not necesary if you can to wait 15 days for a normal send. I normally buy to China and it take 4 weeks or less and without private sellers, and normally free sends.
  2. Nobody is complaining quality. Nobody say if it is easy. This week is my EIGHT week waiting. :cool:
  3. That not excuse, for that unemployed people are hired, plus I work these days except 25 december, 1 and 6 january and the customer. The good job is not sell if you not have the product finished. This is my SEVEN week waiting :cool:
  4. I wrote you a PM on webnesday day 14 but I think you have not read. I wrote a ticket too, but I guess someone answer me within 3 days Don´t worry I prefer to send me late and arrives running well and poorly
  5. Perhaps the best way to accelerate time to sell products in stock. Not good sell products that are not taken. This causes canceled orders. To do this you must first invest and then sell according to what you have on hand and not sell the air. If I manufacture and sell printers 1000 is more reliable than commercial search sales without having an actual estimated delivery time. It is not normal to expose six weeks and then become 10 or more as I read it occurs.
  6. T In this thread there are more complaints than praise. If you really want to start a business do not sell a product manufacture to 6 weeks, because that spoil any service you sell
  7. I compare it with any customer care of any business. The aim is the same when it comes to communicating with a client, but you sell just a phone or a computer or printer. The online response is so quick that the department customer wants, since I doubt that continuously be up-to phone as it is the department of my company. In fact internal communication is by email and we will well and fast. At that time was more important Nokia, and soon the Samsung shifted, and that Nokia was leading, but with a poor customer care and also trying to monopolize their terminals by joining microsoft. Apple h
  8. Cleven, If you make an online service you can not support a customer service phone call, and more if you do a global service. This paved the customer service to speak Japanese ?, because not everything is based on English. Also if you offer a worldwide service you can not expect that everyone will have to pay an expensive phone call just by information that should be in the web system (which still exist after many days after). And we're talking about a company that wants to raise That people would think of me if I sell millions of electronic devices such as mobile phones and respond to the
  9. Cleven, when the system goes down must inform the client that a fault exists. It is made in all computer systems because if you make requests and ask the most logical data is reporting that can encotrnarte with problems that are not abandoned. I work for major brands and if I do not report what I directly do not cry, you do not pay me. We have in our company an exclusive department to contartar customer when your product will produce delay is sent or made any movement (basic company policies). Clearly wait 4-6 weeks is the company policy on certain products. As it is understood after the
  10. Cleven, patience and customer care are differents words and objects.
  11. "If your previous login is from before December 15 you are able to reset your password by pressing 'Forgot Password'." I did that, and not worked. Then I created an account (with the same information and same email), the order not exist. When you try reset the password the system tell you that your email not exist. You can register again. Same info, but all clean and deleted. I see that system is programmed in JavaScript, then I think that connect in a different database. If the old database was updated for fussion the new system then the data has lost (because the users have created new
  12. Why this notice is not show for email to the customers?, so in the store show that we use the forgot passwords for login (not work)
  13. Hi, my account dissapear too, and my order. The reset password not worked, now is the third registration myself in the store (no order), I opened a ticket but the account dissapear again. In the website tell about 15 december (not worked). Is repairing someone that?. The database is corrupted.
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