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  1. SandervG - Those are valid points for not stopping orders, I also understand your frustration with having to reply to people who think you aren't work as hard as you can or don't care. I don't think that. But everyone is in agreeance that lead times are natural and expected for this and certain other products. Quoted lead times are what I'm talking about. 4-6 weeks is way different than 6-8 or 8-10. If things fall behind, that's fine - throw up a notification on your site or by email - but make this information more transparent. People will be less inclined to send email inquiries if they kn
  2. It's just poor crisis management. Patience is a virtue is not a company policy. I would love to collect $2500 checks then distribute my products at my leisure. I think I could make a lot of money just collecting payments - that is the easy part. Delivering the product in a timely manner is not a large request considering the dollar amount. Our family flower shop collects payments in the thousands all the time, but come wedding day we don't tell the bride that because of supplier issues elsewhere she can't have her wedding flowers for another 6 weeks. Just be patient. We wouldn't take the gig i
  3. gr5 - I was reading that the software switch isn't showing certain orders but it wasn't updating for months anyway so the information wasn't super accurate. It said "ready to ship" since November 2nd. I changed my shipment address based on this 4-6 week lead time information, now I am probably not going to be in the state at the address where I changed it to. I don't want to miss my shipment and then have to pay more to ship it back to myself 2 states over. I'm a patient dude, I can wait, thats not the problem. The misinformation regarding lead times listed online is the problem. If it takes
  4. Greetings, I ordered in October - Order # ROJ-968-22278. Will my order be shipping soon? I was told awhile ago that it should be shipping on December 15th but I can't find my order information on your website anymore. I have not received any emails saying it shipped. Please DM me with an update or email me at the address from that order number. Thanks! Best Regards, Brian P
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