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  1. Heated bed problems, when I set my heated bed to 60 degrees, when the print starts the temperature slowly goes to 20 degrees. now the heated bed does not want to heat up at all. In another topic we have already ruled out some possible causes. My question is how can I test the heated bed, it is quite expensive to buy a new one, and there is a chance that the problem is caused by something else. I have an Ultimaker original + that I bought as a DIY kit. I hope I can count on the enormous knowledge of everyone
  2. I looked at the connection on the plate itself, and the plug on the motherboard. Everything looked good, maybe the heating element is broken, can you test that?
  3. I've tried it with others, but now the bildplate doesn't warm up at all anymore, so it's not the G-Code
  4. Good idea, I will attach the G-Code, but I will also try an existing file that I have printed out, I will report how it ends, thanks CloudKey_Mount_V1.stl
  5. No, I assembled the printer years ago as a build package, and so far had no problem with the bildplate. It seems that when the printing starts, the plate heating goes out.
  6. Hello Community, When the printer starts, the temperature of the bildplate goes slowly from 60 to 20, what can I do about it ? I installed the last firmware, the printer is an ultimaker original +. I hope someone has a solution, thank you, greeting ruud
  7. cigarass

    Cura 14.12.1

    Als je een Mac hebt, klik de stl file en klik op info, daar kan je aangeven dat je voortaan alle stl files geopend wil hebben met cura. En zal voortaan alle stl files daarmee openen, dit is wat er mogelijk is met een Apple, voor Windows zal er iets dergelijks voor zijn. Succes
  8. Okay, zal wat linkjes zoeken en die sturen, probeer zondag middag als ik thuis ben, Gr
  9. Hallo, bedankt voor de suggesties, ik zie echter veel foto's en filmpje waarin het lijkt of het erg professioneel is uitgevoerd, voor dat ik aan de slag ga, studeer ik nog verder, bedankt, gr
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, after studying the manual for the umpteenth time I saw an error or ambiguity in the color of the switches, not really clear the manual. So I changed the colors on the motherboard and the problem was gone. Thanks for all the effort and suggesti the matter is resolved. thx
  11. Ik zie steeds op filmpjes van de ultimaker dat er led verlichting in de printkop schijnt. Dit lijkt mij leuk, ik weet niet of het ergens voor dient. Hoe moet ik dat doen, en wat heb ik nodig.??
  12. With auto home you sent the printhead to the auto home position. The home position is in the front left. In my case, it makes a hell off a noise (it rattle hard for 4 seconds . And then stops ??
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