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  1. Has anyone had success with wire printing? The closest I've gotten is this print of a standard cylinder. The first issue is I can't get it to print a nice bottom layer on which to build the print on. I tried adding a brim but it isn't showing up. Also the tops of each triangle aren't drooping (if they're supposed to droop at all!) equally and so when the circle tries to connect the points, sometimes it can't find anything to stick to.
  2. Spot on! I took out the x axis rod and rolled it on a flat piece of glass. It is definitely wobbling- https://goo.gl/photos/QnLUfU4kbyC6GTbdA Will ask Ultimaker Support to send me a new one I got the new rods and installed all of them. Problem was solved. Thanks for the help. I'll explore gr5s countersink option.
  3. I definitely have the saddle problem. I'd uploaded a picture on another thread but will add it here again. I'll work on a counter sink solution but adding a washer is a good idea too.
  4. Spot on! I took out the x axis rod and rolled it on a flat piece of glass. It is definitely wobbling- https://goo.gl/photos/QnLUfU4kbyC6GTbdA Will ask Ultimaker Support to send me a new one
  5. Hi, I started noticing I was getting wavy bottom layer prints on my Ultimaker2. Certain areas on the bottom layer would be transparent (meaning it was too close to the bed) and certain areas wouldn't stick (which means it was too far away). I tried levelling the build plate multiple times but it didn't help. Then I noticed that there was some wobble on my x axis. See this video- https://goo.gl/photos/8YGQmcg8ihVPQeJC8 I contacted Ultimaker support and they suggested I change all my pulleys. I did that yesterday but it didn't make any difference. What could the problem be?
  6. I have the same problem. The first layer on my top left portion comes out very thin and my top right doesn't stick well. Ultimaker sent me a new glass plate but it didn't make a difference. Are the leveling screws supposed to be flush with the heated plate or are they supposed to be slightly higher like mine are?
  7. Hi I'm experiencing some bad edges on my prints. I printed this at 0.2mm layer height in ABS. The edges become progressively better as the print moves upwards. Why would this be happening?
  8. @Didier and Shurik thanks for the tips. I think this has something to do with the filament. I bought the white filament from China and was facing this problem with that filament. When I switched over to one of the UM filaments, the print was absolutely fine with the 20% infill. Do you think it is the quality of the filament or the colour? I've been told white requires the highest temperature to prevent underextrusion while darker colours need a lower temperature setting. Should I keep a higher temperature for the white filament? My current temperature is 220C.
  9. I'm getting some strange gaps in the outer shell of my prints when I print with an infill (of 20%) but it is perfectly fine without gaps when I use 100% infill. I figure this shouldn't happen because the outer shell gets printed in full during every layer. Any ideas? I'm using a 0.2mm layer height and 0.8mm shell thickness with a print speed of 75mm/s.
  10. @gr5 those prints look great!! Thanks for the tips. Question- how did you do perfect levelling not using the standard procedure? I would think manually moving the print head along the x and y axes and measuring at various points would be a good way to go? Is the paper method not accurate enough?
  11. @DonMilne Thanks for the suggestion. Unselecting combine everything in Fix Horrible fixed this problem. @pm_dude I'm on it. @PeggyB Yes this was created on Sketchup. I'll start using the x-ray view more instead of just relying on the layers view. @gr5 Great tip. I often have a requirement for small text. What is the smallest text font (in mm height) that I can get in the UM2?
  12. Hi. When Cura is slicing my model with 3D extruded text, some characters tend to go missing. I am trying to print a guitar pick with text and a hole above the text to put in a keychain. Please see the pictures. The hole is missing once the same model is sliced. Any reason why this is happening? In other cases, entire letters go missing. I'm using a 100 micron layer height with 50 mm/s print speed. Thanks
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