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  1. I like the concept, rather different than the migration to 32bits boards going on now elsewhere. Apart from lowering development costs separating motion control from everything else just sounds like a good idea. It would seem to be a nice evolution for Marlin/Repetier and current ATmega hardware too: motion control only and loose everything else. Add a Pi for the rest, preferably including your JSON interface because that is just everything one could ask for in an interface :-) All in all great job on the UM3 development guys!
  2. Very interesting, thanks for the write-up! What was the main rationale for the UM3 mainboard/A20 LIME2 combo? It seems that the A20 LIME2 would have had enough processing power for both UI and motion control?
  3. I was running infill at 70mm/s and perimeters at 40-50mm/s without any visible infill patterns on the outer surface with cura 14.X. I'm pretty sure I ran the same speeds with 15.X but I can check again. I noticed some other strange behavior due to the ini changes that I fixed, I could have missed some. It would be interesting to see the difference between ultimakers and others in this respect. this is a potential show stopper for using cura though.. Making it configurable or dependant on printer selection might be a good idea.
  4. I noticed the same negative effect on surface finish while printing on my Mini Kossel with 15.01. With <15.01 only slight mechanical moire patterns were visible (sometimes, depending on the print), with 15.01 I see the infill as Moshen showed with his picture. Does the overall quality increase include surface finish on Ultimaker prints?
  5. Actually after thinking about it a little more I would want the plugin enabled for any horizontal surface that is visible after printing completes. I do realize this probably is impossible with the current slicing engine. I think when I enable this plugin I would always want it to be enabled for the first layer automatically: this doesn't need to be configurable. The same is probably true for the top layer: it can be always applied. Although this would not make sense for prints without a horizontal surface as top layer, it wouldn't hurt them either. What do you think?
  6. Wow this is great! How did I survive indeed... Now for a 'apply plugin for top and bottom layer'-tickbox and the plugin would be perfect ;-)
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