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  1. reply sent...everything as pictured, fully functional and operational.
  2. bump...took months for me to find one in the US...so I'm making it easy now
  3. nothing wrong with it and prints well. I have no clue on age. 260 hours isnt much when many of these things are taking 10+ hours to print.
  4. Asking $1850 shipped. All spools are pla except the gray which is abs. I have the original box to ship it in as well.
  5. Would you accept £900 for the printer? As there are new ones selling on ebay for around £1200 Thanks! Luke new ones on ebay are 1350ish
  6. do you set a color in cura to be transparent or something?
  7. I did my 3D text in blue. I would like a silver outline to slide over the letters...so it looks like the blue letters are raised inside the silver background.
  8. import png, set base height then set text height, save to sd card then print
  9. i did the base 3mm and the text as 13mm
  10. was hoping I could just set a base thickness and make the text height "negative" to have it cut out...I'll mess around with your suggestions.
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