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  1. Thanks for your help @burtoogle In my settings the slicing tollerance was already set to 'middle'. I have changed my initial layer height to 0.25 (because i can see that yours is on 0.15 instead of 0.27 in my settings), and that fixed the problem. In my opionion a strange solution, because the text depth (0,2mm) is still more than the thickness of the last layer (0,15mm). Hopefully this is a once in a liftime bug that will not appear to other people and their models 😉.
  2. Offcourse, i have attached the .stl. I was trying to slice and print multiple 'eggies' numbers 17 till 32 but all the stl files do have the same problem. Some additional information: Print layer height 0.15 The text is .2 deep. So it is only printed in 1 layer at the top and the bottom. The strange thing is that the text is sliced in the bottom, and not in the top. It is the same text and dept, but only mirrored to the top. 18#_Eggie vierkant 2mm.stl
  3. Hello Everyone, I am trying to print an .stl created in fusion 360 with text engraved. When i am slicing the model, the text is dissapearing if i don't scale the model as preferred. If i scale the object to 99% or 101%, the text will appear in the sliced object. Is there anyone with a possible solution? I've tried it in cura 4.6 & 4.7.
  4. For people that were curious about the problem and solution: The problem was inside one of the xy stepper motors. Some dust from the wear of the pulleys dropped into the bearings inside the stepper motor. I have disassembled both xy stepper motors and replaced the bearings (2 per motor, 4 in total) and cleaned the inside of the stepper motors. It is very important that there is no greace or dust inside it when reasembling! This fixed the problem and my stepper motors are running smoothly again. @buglykitty, the printer was running for like 3000 hours, FYI.
  5. My printer is making a very loud noise when i am staring a print. Noise does not occur when: - Bed raising - Bed lowering - Home head Noise does occur when: - Printer is heated up, output the first plastic and move towards the starting point of the print. Another problem that also occur somethimes is that the heated bed is not very good calibrated anymore after the loud noise. But i am not sure about this problem, if it is the case after my loud noise or it can be just some adhesion problem that occured at the same time. I have placed a video of the sound on youtube:
  6. Hello All, I am searching for another ultimaker 2+, or an ultimaker 2 where I will put an upgrade on. If you want to sell your ultimaker somewhere in the Netherlands, we can negotiate the price! The information that you can send to me when interested: - Running hours - UM2 or UM2+ - Purchase date - Some other stuff you want to sell (for example materials) - Some pictures - Price you are looking for - Your place where I can pick it up Feel free to contact me, looking forward to your reply!
  7. I would use raft too (+ the information from kris), not brim. Tall objects with small touching surface to the heated bed will be ripped of even with brim (that's my experience). Raft will keep it stuck to the platform if your bed leveling and adhesion is ok!
  8. I am using Simplify 3D also since 1 or 2 weeks now, and I experienced the same problems. With cura (used almost 1.5 years), warping only occured when my platform was not clean enough or wrong fan speed settings for the material (especially with Colorfabb XT or ABS). This week(s) i will do some tests, because i think the problem is something with fan speed or maybe other things related to temperature/cooling. I will keep you in touch if I find the problem. Edit: I also noticed that simplify uses completly different settings for the first layer. The height of the first layer is smaller, and t
  9. I have had this problem once with PLA-PHA when my bed temperature was higher than 60°C. So lowering it to 60°C solved this problem for me! Stucking to the heated bed is still no problem then, even 55°C is enough for PLA-PHA.
  10. Hi Ronan, I think your problem is called Elephant feet (see image below). What you can do to prevent this, is turning down your bed temperature, or make the gap between your bed and nozzle a little bit bigger. Normaly i print PLA at 60°C bed temperature (PLA does stick very well to a degreased glass plate, so high bed temperatures are less necessary than with ABS for example.) Prints with a big touching surface between the glass and object even lower, about 55°C bed temperature Hopefully this helps you out!
  11. Hi Dree, You have to change the fan speed settings in CURA if you want to do it for the whole print. Another option is to use a plugin if you want to do this from a certain height or layer. I use an plugin called Tweak at Z, you can implement this in your CURA software. What you can do with this plugin, is changing the settings after a few layers. When printing ABS, i will recommend to use this plugin. You can now turn on the fan speed after a few mm (or layers), so you prevent your work from warping (print the first few layers/mm without cooling!).
  12. Version 1.0


    I like the catan game called "kolonisten" in dutch very much. This is also the reason for me to print some game atributes for it! It turned out very well, in my opionion.
  13. Hallo allemaal, Ik ben nog redelijk nieuw in het 3d printen, en ik ben al een geruime tijd aan het testen met van alles en nog wat. Een probleem bij mij blijft het printen van overhang, en vooral bij kleine objecten. Zo als te zien is in de bovenstaande afbeeldingen zijn mijn kleine objecten niet heel erg goed gelukt. De blauwe pla is van ultimaker zelf, en de witte van formfutura. Voor het witte poppetje heb ik de volgende instellingen gebruikt Speed: 50 mm/s Bed: 55 graden Nozzle: 200 graden Layer: 0.06 mm overige instellingen zijn standaard Zoals op de plaatjes te zien is is
  14. Ik heb uiteindelijk wat easyfil filament gekocht bij formfutura. Over de kleur en glans ben ik wel tevreden, alleen hecht het pla een stuk lastiger aan mijn verwarmde bed. Met de bijgeleverde glue-stick van ultimaker blijft de pla niet goed genoeg vastzitten. Ik heb uiteindelijk mijn glasplaat gewassen en goed ontvet en zonder er iets op te doen blijft het pla verassend goed zitten. Mijn dank voor alle mensen die me hebben geholpen met het maken van keuzes in het kopen van filament. Ik ga in de toekomst nog wel wat meer leveranciers en soorten filament uitproberen, want ik denk dat er betere
  15. Ziet er goed uit, maar bestel je dan alleen de easyfill of ook de premium kwaliteit? De premium is 2.95 mm volgens de site, maar ook een stukje goedkoper.
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