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  1. Yeah but why now? After 3 years of good services? That's weird.
  2. 1. When I check in Cura the top/bottom speed, it's 15mm/s. But it wasn't ticked before I check. I imagine it's still the speed used for first layers. What is strange is that I never changed anything in the settings. I've printed hundreds and hundreds of hours without having any issue with the adhesion. In fact, I use Cura with default setting except for layer height, adding support or brim, and rarely printing speed. Don't know why that happens now. The thing is, two weeks ago I had some issue with bad under extrusion, so I checked the heat block, PTFE coupler and so on
  3. Print temperature: 210° Filament: PLA Layer height: 0.2mm Speed: 80mm/sec Bed Temperature: 60° 1. Yep, it's a brim. For this kind of object (raspberry case, so, large but not high), I usually don't use a brim but in this case, yep, it's a brim. 2. It looks like it yeah...but that doesn't explain why the first passage looks fine and it starts to make a mess after nor the grinding noise from the extruder. Also, it's well leveled prior the printing. 3. Not sure what your mean with nozzle to bed distance but I went through a large amount of bed leveling cycle with the paper
  4. Hello everyone and merry Christmas! I come to you for a problem who took me by surprise without any announcement. Some parts of the bed seem too high and others too low. I try to print something and the first pass of the rim goes well, it seems the filament sticks well on the buildplate (I tried with bare glass, buildtak, the glass turned upside down, with flexplate) but on the second pass the filament doesn't stick anymore in the back of the surface as you can see on the picture. I hear some grinding noise from the extruder (a bondtech...I cleaned the gears to see if THAT wa
  5. Well, the problem is that the model is perfectly flat. It has been cut in netfabb. And if I don't put the support material, I don't have this problem. It only occurs when I use support Pretty weird huh?
  6. Hi everyone I haven't tried it in a print but when I add supports on a print, Cura (3.0, 2.3,...) only shows supports on layer 1 even if the model has a flat surface. The model appears on the second layer Layer 1: Layer 2: It's quite strange. Thank you
  7. Le blaster de Peter Quill, c'est fait... On passe au projet suivant: Décidemment très content des résultats obtenus par l'Ultimaker² même sans nécessairement chercher l'optimisation au poil de luc.
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