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  1. And you don't get a "Cura.app is damaged and cannot be opened" dialog after making that change? @ahoeben : nope ... worked perfect for me. For Mac OS use following steps :
  2. Fixed mine on my iMac thx ... On Mac you select the application, right click -> show content -> Resources -> resources -> shaders -> select the file grid.shader right click and edit with Text editor ... copy n paste (replace) the text ...
  3. Hi, @SandervG Cura3.0 looks awsome and seems to work good. But is there a string on the Forum for forwarding problems with Cura3.0? Strange enough I seem to experience troubles on my iMac with the display of the buildplate grid. And on my MacBook it seems to work great and displays perfectly. gr. Frank
  4. @Dim3nsioneer @Labern ....thx for the quick replies, gonna order with 3d solex with the new coupler and ring, including a few extra nozzles.
  5. Hello there, @swq0603 @Labern And hopefully somebody from support is reading this as well. This is still a very fresh topic, so I thought I would pop advice and my question here about installing and buying the Olsson block. The trouble is; Ultimaker is advertising with it on their site (see the picture I uploaded) Or should I better say was selling it? In the shop I can not find it anywhere. The Olsson block including the extra nozzles is nowhere to be found ....the page I uploaded here with a screenshot, can be seen HERE. Strange right?! Or am I missing something here, or not looking goo
  6. @nallath thx for the reply and that I don't need to worry
  7. I have recently installed Cura 15.06 on my iMac and MacBook. It's great working with it, so easy to use...big improvement. But !!! Most of the time when I start it up I first get a screen like in the picture enclosed, it is what you see before Cura is normally functioning. It scrambles up the interfaces of the programs that are open on my desktop within its own interface it seems. Once it starts up it works fine. Time it takes starting it up is normal to I think. Not yet installed it again ...so don't know if that will help. It is not really a problem though because when it is started up it wo
  8. The printer has been successfully repaired @jonnybischof thx to the great service and helpfulness of @Ultimakersupport team and especially @LaylaSmid ... The defect was the flatcable of the new kit. How it got defected I am gonna keep to myself :-)
  9. Thx @jonnybischof will do ...thursday or comming sunday I'll probably be working on it again, Maybe I'd better collect the printer thursday and try to repair it @home. I'll keep it updated here ...
  10. Yes it's about somebody else's UM original, one I am about to work with soon. At home I have an UM2 myself. It Also fails otherwise when not heating up, the first time it failed was when I was heating up. But later it also failed on other occasions I don't think that matters or makes any difference, display just fades after a few sec. Most of the time right after I power the UMO, with the netadapter or through the USB, with or without touching the knob. That is something I will have to try out .... That is what I understood as wel, but when I connected it to my MacBook
  11. Hi there, I just upgraded an UMO with the UltiController Kit. So now it should be a standalone UMO printer with an SD card. 1 : But the controler kit is not working propperly. The display works for a sec. than Turns blank (darker blue) and slightly flickers ... with no letters or text in sight. If I turn the power off and on again it repeats itself. Wath the YT links I posted to see it's behaviour. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH7bZTpNWg4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8Br2jKqGzE I assembled the kit with this widely spread YT vid ...could not find any other instruction, and with my
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