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  1. Goodmorning i think it's ok now i did cut a few mm from the bowden tube and now its running perfect thank you very much guys
  2. ok i got it , it was perfectly explained, i will try it and get back to you thank you very much
  3. the problem is , in my understanding , that the tube always comes out just a few mm , but still in side the white hot end isolator coupler , and the result is hot semi melted fillament pops out and gets knoted as the picture with the purple fillament in the first post . the question is why is the tube moving out of the isolator coupler ( i have the blue safety clip on top always in place ) and how can i prevent it from happening?
  4. if you see cearfully at the video at exactly 1:00 you can see a clear shoot that the tube is all the way in and you can hear the extruder working and the material flowing
  5. here is a video . sorry for the shacking after this video i tried to print something but after 00:13 min same thing hapened , stoped extruding here is a pic of how far the print stopped any clues would be more than welcome i am starting to lose hope thank you very much in advance guys
  6. i didn't remove anything it is there . Just at the time the picture was take i was feeding material manualy so i had to take it out . Just as we speak i am up loading a video on youtube so everybody can have a clear understanding of what is happening.
  7. I do have the boden tube that guides the fillament to the head in the first picture you can see it on the backround as i have removed it and inserted material by hand after 2 days it still does the same thing i removed everything cleaned everything with a hot air gun , did the atomic thing . printed once worked fine and thats that .
  8. Yes i got the PEEK part screwed to the hot end isolator below the white coupler . and the "guide" transparent tube goes all the way in the white coupler here is a photo from the side
  9. Hello there My first time writing here I have an ultimaker original plus for a bit over a year now . never had the chance to properly use it because of lack of time . here is my problem recently i replaced the hot end (all of it , nose alum. block , heater , thermistor everything) when i am trying to print , the printer stops extruding after a few layer ( 5-10-15 depends on the scale of the object) When i push the material by hand it flows like a charm , when i use the extruder same thing , works perfect . But while printing it just stops extruding. The material gets , lets say ,
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