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  1. Can we please have e-mail notifications. It's been a long long time now. I think this single feature could be a boost to forum life.
  2. Salut Adrien je ne peut pas aider, ma ca fait du mal ce qui t'arrive. J'espere que tu va résoudre ca au plus vite. As tu ouvert un ticket avec Ultimaker? Mon impression c'est que tu va devoir replacer cette carte a la fin.
  3. Version 1.0


    A universal case for the Naze32 flight controller for multirotors
  4. There is currently a bug that makes the preview a "killer feature" on this forum. If you preview the post, then it will disappear on posting.
  5. Parametres d'impression? Temp, speed, layer height? Spiralize mode? Shell thickness?
  6. Tres joli. Ton dessin? Le lapin il a l'air bien a son aise 8)
  7. I did not notice such bug, never tried to upload multiple images to a print
  8. I think the solution would be, if there is only one image in the "print post", then please do not display these misleading lateral arrows?
  9. There is another bug here. If I preview a post before pressing "POST COMMENT", the post won't go through and will be lost forever. Tried a couple of times.
  10. There is a bug in the Prints section, clicking on the next/previous arrows do nothing but reloading the same image
  11. Anders we need you, please don't go. I can't imagine my UM2 without an Olsson block and future upgrades from you and swordriff. Software had serious problems here, I see that you are p... o... with good reasons. However the forum is more about the people than about the software. So let's all hang tight for a little while, stay unite, and get over this "obscure" phase. I am confident sun will shine again soon. Thanks you for all you did, and hopefully will continue doing for us, this was and is so much appreciated. Cheers - PD
  12. You can bookmark https://ultimaker.com/en/community
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