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  1. If all goes well, there will be an option to change it.

    The argument that you are an ordinary user is exactly why you should not even be touching the nozzle size in the first place. The machine profile should match the machine that you have and should not be changed.


    Well many people are using the Olson block with interchangeable nozzles on the Ultimaker 2, so having the nozzle size back would be really great. I understand that for now the "line width" parameter can be used instead, basically as if it was the nozzle size. This worked for me up to now.

    File that gave size issues on new Cura was sent by e-mail, thank @nallath for having a look at it.

  2. I did run on a serious problem with the new Cura (using the Mac version).

    It got the size of one object I am printing wrong. It is a big 500 gr piece for a client and I had to print it twice for this reason.

    The base of the object should be 11,2 cm.

    The new cura makes it 10,7 cm, approximately.

    The old cura gets it very right.

    So I had to trash the 500 gr object from the first print I made (a 48 hours print) and print it again with a gcode generated with the old cura, which printed perfectly right.

    OLD Cura:


    New Cura


    Another object sliced with the new cura instead printed with the correct size, so it appears to be a problem that only affects certain stl files.

    Anyone else noted something like this? I can't share the file here, as it is a client design, however I guess I could send it to team Ultimaker, after asking for permission to the client, for an analysis of the issue.

    So right now I am having a serious trust issue with the new Cura. A pity because it is just a great software, so much better than the old one.

    EDIT: I have client permission to share the file with Team Ultimaker, maybe a moderator could let me know where I can send the file so that you guys can have a look at this issue.


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  3. I love the turntable, and that whole setup. Nice machine!   Does the heavy spool spin easily enough to feed without a problem?


    Thank you Chrisw! It spins fine, however mind that I am using a spool holder with bearings


    The Ultimaker top cover and bottom drawer are also from the same store, excellent well made stuff.

    At the very beginning I had to re-put the filament on track as it had an inclination to slide out of the spool. This was during the first 15-30' of print. However I am now at 45 hours print (and still 5 hours to go), mostly unattended, for a big 3DHubs order and no problems at all. So I would indeed recommend these spools for the UM.

  4. Oh - well the old forum is still there so if you want me to delete something let me know.  It's read-only but perhaps I'm allowed to remove photos:



    Thanks gr5, really appreciated, but I never uploaded an image there. It was just to say that on the Internet you are really in control of something only if it resides on a server/domain name you manage personally. I hope the possibility will remain, on this forum, to post images with just an URL.


    Personally I like to have control over the images I post, and want to be free to delete them one day. So I think it is healthy to have both options available, upload to the forum or external link.


    If you upload to the forum albums you have complete control over your images too. You can delete them at  will.


    Until the admin section is available, that is. For example if I had uploaded an image on the "old" forum, It would now be out of my control. Things change over time.


    Like he said - embed img tag inside url tag.  The problem is now I have to first upload all my images somewhere before posting to ultimaker.  It only takes 30 seconds but it's an extra step I'd love to skip.


    If the image is deleted from that "somewhere" then the forum ends up with a broken link and no image. I recall seeing a request for no external images to be used on the old forum.


    Personally I like to have control over the images I post, and want to be free to delete them one day. So I think it is healthy to have both options available, upload to the forum or external link.


    How can one see an added image in full size once it is uploaded? This was easily done in the previous version of this forum, and now I can't seem to figure out how to see a full size image.


    I haven't figured that out yet either - it should be that if you click on the picture you get full size.  I mean that would be how *I* would do it.


    For now it can be done "manually" by nesting the IMG code inside an URL code:

    Click for full size:


    And indeed, this should be a standard feature of the forum, rather than something that is done by hand. Once you insert an external image, the software should add the link to the original file, nothing complicated.

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  8. I'm looking at getting one of these. Do you have any photos of finished prints? What is the dimensional accuracy like of finished prints?

    Would you recommend it as a second printer?


    Actually I am selling mine right now as I do not really need two printers. PM me if you are interested.

    I am not sure about the dimensional accuracy, did not test for this. See all specs here: https://printm3d.com/themicro/

    Would I recommend it as a second printer? It depends on what you need. This one is amazingly small and lightweight, you could really put it in a bag and carry it around so easily. It is also basically silent. These are the main pros. Cons: I do not feel it is the strong and reliable "workhorse" that the Ultimaker is. I see it more as a great way to show people about 3Dprinting (it is so cute and portable) and to produce maybe small figurines. Not entirely sure you will be able to use it for professional applications. For those, the Ultimaker is much better.

  9. Its a lot smaller than I thought it would be.

    How well does it print?


    Not that bad considering how small, lightweight and inexpensive it is. It does much better if a raft is included, which is an obvious limit. Looks like they are working to improve that.

    Software is quite straightforward, but it is quite simplified to a number of preset printing profiles. Not anywhere near to the flexibility of Cura. Obviously done to be as simple as possible.

    I had it printing in 10 minutes from unboxing.

    A little video:



  10. Hi all,

    I have upgraded my UM2 to using the Olsson block.

    Initially I was quite apprehensive with regards to the issues others have had with removing the temp. sensor but my UM2 (bought in UK 2013) but F=fortunately my install was a breeze. The heater and the temp. sensor came out of the old heater block with out any issues. :-)

    Ive re-calibrated the bed and everything and made a test print using the following settings which I was using with my stock UM2 block; but this is where I am now having issues with infill when printing.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this would be most welcome.

    Material: PLA (Faberdashery black)

    Layer height: 0.1

    Nozzle size: Jet 0.4mm

    Temperature: 210C

    Speed: 50mm/s

    Fan Speed: 100% (after initial layers)



    Hi I had the same exact problem and it was due to what Didier and GR5 are pointing to.

    My recommendation is to print this:


    in XT or ABS and replace the aluminum fan shroud. I did this a few months ago now, when installing the block, and did not have problems ever since.

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