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  1. A toothbrush can be your friend for this task. 180° should be enough for the job, probably even less.
  2. Woofy I did not see it, looks very interesting thank you. I guess there should the final files online by now on youmagine, will look for them. Indeed I came to 3D printing through an interest in building my own flying machines: was constantly finding myself needing some parts that either were not available or costed too much. Finally landed on Ultimaker, very happy about this choice. :-P
  3. In cura, was the object centered? The reason I am asking is that the "messy part" seems to be at the correct location, while the first part seems to possibly have moved from the center. At the end of the print was the first part solidly attached to the plate, or was it just located as in the photo, but not attached to the plate? In short, as Didier Klein was pointing out, adhesion problems could have done so that the first part moved from his original location (the center of the plate) and the print just went on, hence the "mess".
  4. happy to report that after the 3x atomic cleaning this is what i got: Looking pretty much perfect again. So definitely there were some carbonized debris that were preventing the filament to flow freely. The quality I get when the UM works properly is quite amazing. Very happy with this machine so far. The forums are an amazing resource.
  5. As an update to this. While changing filaments, I was under the impression that in the extrusion phase, the finale phase, the filament did not came out as nicely as the first times. So I went for the atomic method. the first on the left is as the filament came out. Then 3 rounds of atomic cleaning. Indeed in the first round you can see that there are some black residues. Less on the second and gone on the third. Can these residues justify the problem I was experiencing? Now I am doing another test print and it looks much better, at 210 degrees this time. Will keep you posted. I have a q
  6. Hello, I have an Ultimaker 2 from a couple of weeks and starting to experience very significant underxtrusion problems than currently undermine my capability of printing anything. Still have to contact support by e-mail about this, I am hoping that I can some help right here. Some details: Got the machine, calibrated the plate. Very pleased about how easy it was to do that with the guided procedure and manual. Also the filament loading procedure went flawlessly. Changing filaments on this machine is so easy. The mandatory ultimaker mascotte from the SD card printed quite all right, althoug
  7. Ciao Sam ho ordinato da voi alcuni filamenti Colorfabb. Oltre al servizio efficientissimo e all'ottima comunicazione, posso dire che i filamenti sono eccellenti. Varie ore di stampa, nessun problema. Packaging professionale, ottime le bobine. Quindi sicuramente ci saranno altri ordini. Saluti!
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